Marni Has Written a New Single “Boozer”, Just for You

Nicolas is an up and coming artist who creates his music under the stage name Marni. He understands his opportunity to connect with many people as an artist, and he takes advantage. Marni explicitly aims to create his music for the people who need it. He has called them “the sad, the lonely, the hardened, and the outcasts,” to represent those who are looking for an emotional outlet through his songs. Marni continues to share his personal stories that his fans can connect to with his new release “Boozer”.

Right off the bat, Marni captures the listener’s attention with “Boozer’s” alluring, stripped-down acoustic guitar melody. He joins in with his soft voice, which naturally harmonizes with his acoustic in a style that is comparable to the gentle songs of Alex Murdoch. With his fragile vocals, Marni is sharing his emotion and vulnerability with listeners. Later on, in “Boozer” an elegant piano adds to the peaceful background instrumental. Without a doubt, Marni also has a relevant lyrical message. He speaks to the relatable changes in relationships when he sings “you don’t look me in the eyes anymore”. When he says “this might just be my final year,” Marni hits listeners in their feelings by reminding them how precious life really is – and how easily it could be taken away. With Marni’s lyrical symbolism and his sensitive musicality, listeners will want to sit down for a moment to take the time to understand the truth behind “Boozer.”

You can listen to "Boozer" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Marni! Without a doubt, “Boozer” has touched our hearts. Can you elaborate on the message behind the lyrics?

Thank you for the kind words about Boozer. The lyrics are from the perspective of both partners. Both partners are crying out loud. Wanting things from each other and life. Both watching themselves slowly die from this relationship they are in at the moment. It’s based on a real idea and some real facts I heard from a former romantic partner of mine.

There seems to be a fair amount of symbolism within your lyrics for “Boozer.” What do you mean when you are asking the world not to “leave you here?”

I think with the lyric “don’t leave me here” is a cry for help. Someone is begging not to be left in the mud, and the dirt so to speak. But deep down they know they can’t help their addiction. 

Could you tell us why you chose to name the song “Boozer,” and what the title represents?

I wanted to make the song Boozer because I wanted it o have a kind of silly-ish title or slang like title, but also have the meaning of something serious. Like “oh hey that guys a real boozer over there!” It sounds silly but it means something totally not silly. I also envisioned it on the cover of an ep and I loved the simple one-word title. 

Can you speak to the entire creative process of Boozer, and what was going on in your life that inspired you to write it?

I was in a relationship with a former member of Marni, a year back, and my partner was telling me about a guy she had dated while in high school. He had trouble with alcohol and other addictions. A troubled life in general. So I just started to create this story of someone viewing someone destroying themselves from substances. And what it would be like to watch them slowly fade away. I like creating stories that have some truth to them at the core, and Boozer is definitely one of those songs.