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Maro DēLo Looks To Break Free With The Release Of His Latest Hit “Tangled.”

Singer-songwriter, Maro DēLo, lives his passion for composing melodic stories by creating songs that rally his audience and give them a sense of belonging. Touching on various aspects of life that lonely souls usually ponder, Maro DēLo aims to provide his fanbase a safe space where they can feel heard and understood.

Working alongside Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory, Maro DēLo lends his beautiful voice and storytelling ability to the creation of his latest ballad "Tangled." Combating the societal need to be in a relationship, for the sake of being in a relationship, Maro DēLo faces the challenging truth that everything has a time and place. Unapologetically done with the drama of a love affair that has catered no benefits to his growth, he kisses goodbye to a toxic connection that he once thought would be a happy ever after.

Maro DēLo's soft yet far-reaching voice performs exceptionally with the powerful strumming of the acoustic guitar. An empowering and alleviating song, "Tangled," gives the audience a burst of energy and the sense of an emotional breakthrough. A perfect listen during a nice sunny drive along with the coast or on a road trip, "Tangled" delegates a feeling of unabated freedom. It's inarguable that Maro DēLo delivers his sentiments to his fans with a marksman-like precision.

Maro DēLo's sound has everlasting durability and will, without a doubt, expand over many eras. In addition to his musical journey, Maro DēLo has been pursuing a career in acting and modeling, giving him a trifecta of domains to thrive in and conquer. With five additional songs set for release in 2021-22, we are enraptured by his ventures and where they will take him in the years to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maro DēLo. We’re thrilled to have you here and chat with us about this track. How has it been working with such a revered producer like David Ivory?

My experience working with David Ivory has been nothing but an absolute dream! He’s ridiculously talented, crazy smart, and continues to blow my mind every time we crackdown in the studio. David believes in producing an artist's songs without changing them, he elevates them. There is no ego involved in his work or mine for that matter; we leave it at the door because that’s how we operate. He sees me as his equal. That’s just another aspect of what makes our artist-producer relationship so magical. We speak the same work language and we don’t minimize each other or our abilities. All of that combined creates an “effortless” experience. The only flow that we generate is 100% natural!

What was your inspiration for creating a song so rich in an ambiance like your hit “Tangled?”

The inspiration for Tangleds’ instrumentation came about when I first started writing the lyrics. I wanted to tell the story of getting rid of a toxic relationship without making it sound so dark. So, I decided to open up the song on a catchy intro hook, stay in a major key, and keep the lyrics clean while only using real instruments as well. On top of that, I made sure to keep it sounding upbeat all throughout the recording, even going double-time in the bridge and last chorus to empower a sense of “I never needed you in the first place” to the listeners.

How much life experience and personal emotions do you tend to put into the storytelling you share with your audience?

When incorporating real-life events/stories into songs, it really depends on what type of story you’re aiming to convey. Let’s use “Tangled” as an example. The story: freeing yourself from a toxic relationship and eventually learning to not care about it anymore. The objective: show the listener that they don’t need or deserve to deal with the level of drama their significant other created in their life. Do I need to talk about what specific events happened between me and the person I was in this relationship with all that time ago? No. As a matter of fact, I shouldn’t! Then, it becomes MY story, not OUR story. My goal as a songwriter is to say just enough about my own experiences within my lyrics, and then express that story through melody, inflection, and authenticity so that the listeners have enough room to fill in the gaps with their own interpretation of what my song means to them. The mindset I have behind every song to reach people is: tell stories that not only YOU want to tell, but that others WANT or NEED to hear in a way that makes sense to them personally.

What would be your direct message to fans that struggle with letting go and moving on?

Trust me, I’ve been in that dark place: you feel like you and/or the world will never be the same without what you’ve just lost. While there may be no specific or “right” answer to this question, my biggest piece of advice to offer about letting go is strictly focusing on your own happiness, success, and what you’ve learned from the experience(s) you’ve had. Like Steve Harvey once said, “Your rearview mirror is your past. If you only focus on that, you will crash. Your windshield is your future. If you just keep looking ahead, your past will disappear over the horizon.”

What's next for you?

Currently, I am not only back in the studio with David, but also working on shooting/editing music videos. I am also in the process of lining up local and out-of-town gigs!

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