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“Marry Me Someday,” Is the Latest Heartfelt Declaration From Matteson Gregory

Midwest-based singer-songwriter Matteson Gregory is one artist to keep a serious eye on. Over the past few years, Matteson has been making a name for herself within the music world and she did so with the slow release of four singles. Recently being featured on the Heart of Indie Radio, Matteson Gregory proves she’s only on the rise with her impressionable sound and she isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Matteson Gregory has released her fifth single, titled “Marry Me Someday,” and we suggest you prepare yourself for a total goosebump effect. Matteson Gregory carefully and intricately delivers incredibly sweet-sounding melodies with the simple sound of her voice. That’s where the goosebump effect takes place, once her voice makes its way to your ears and massages the very auditory senses within.

Sounding almost unplugged, “Marry Me Someday” hones into acoustic stylings production-wise which in turn allows the spotlight to be held on Matteson Gregory herself. “Marry Me Someday” holds an authentic and beautiful array of romantic expressions and this allows Matteson Gregory to shine a light on her heart, allowing any willing listener to peek inside and understand her in a more elaborate way.

Besides the melody, the story itself encapsulates such raw charm, notably due to the realistic elements of love that Matteson Gregory advertently delivers. “Marry Me Someday” picks up on the real-life experiences that love often comes with, and she explores the depths of her own affection, loyalty, and mind.

Matteson Gregory went above and beyond in her performance in “Marry Me Someday.” We felt the ball of emotions the song inevitably expelled and as a result, Matteson Gregory left one memorable mark in our music books.

Explore Matteson Gregory’s heart in “Marry Me Someday,” available on digital streaming platforms.

What a beautiful contribution "Marry Me Someday" made to your tracklist. What inspired the fruition of this single? How were you feeling upon its release?

Aww, thanks so much! You guys are too sweet. This song came quite naturally to me. I was sitting at the piano, and I kept thinking about this phrase my boyfriend, and I always say to each other: marry me someday. So just sitting at my piano, I created this song describing all the moments we've said that phrase and that feeling of knowing who you want to be with but knowing good things take time. This is also the first song I've produced, so I am so excited about this release because it will give listeners another side to myself and my music.

Your song hosted a multitude of powerful emotions. Was there a certain collection of feelings you were hoping the listeners of "Marry Me Someday" would experience upon listening to the single?

I think the biggest thing I want my listeners to feel is happiness and hope. This song symbolizes personal experiences and that good things take time, in fact, the best things.

Being your fifth song debut, how do you feel "Marry Me Someday" compares to your first four singles? Do you see a trend within your craft?

This song is different from my other releases. While my other pieces have been more pop-driven, this one takes a step back and is more acoustic. I knew this song didn't need my other songs' pop production, and I wanted the lyrics to stand out more than the music. I will say that the one thing all my releases have had in common is my heart on my sleeve. I have never shied away from writing my life experiences, and I never will.

With five singles now out, do you see yourself releasing an album any time soon?

Yes, I would love to release an album. I've been going through many of my songs and trying to find the perfect mix for an album. As of right now, I am working on a Christmas song that will be out in the next month or so.


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