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MARS RODRIGUEZ Is a Fiery Ball of Energy in, "The End"

Nicaraguan DIY artist MARS RODRIGUEZ reigns supreme as a producer and a one-person band.

Being in charge of vocals, electric guitar, keyboard, and digital drums/drum machines, her music incorporates elements of varied styles from post-punk, blues, indie rock, pop, and electronic music. With her projects transcending cultural and language barriers, her lyrics are written in Spanish, English, and French, to appeal to a wider assortment of listeners.

Releasing her most recent single “The End,” MARS RODRIGUEZ plays into a sonic and visual component that has our senses emphasized at a peak level. The ominous soundscape has us anticipating the avenues that MARS RODRIGUEZ will tour us through with her tantalizing resonance dripping from the speakers in a haunting factor.

The heavy tones of distorted synths pulsating in the production enhance the structure formed in the hypnotically entrancing vibrations of this record. Accompanying the auditory juice with a display of her charismatic persona, we have the pleasure of tuning into the vibrant music video. Starring a restless MARS RODRIGUEZ as she can be seen fiddling with a microphone and her headphones, the scenes that offer a looming sense of anxiousness has us dying to know what is eating away at her mind.

The fierce persona that reigns from her quintessence is divulged in her inimitable vocalization as she continues to jump on the bed, perform to the magnetically appealing “The End,” and give us a zesty guitar solo as she flaunts her attitude in the bathtub.

Showing us who she is as an individual and creative has us opening our world to the quirky spirit that bubbles from her soul. If you want a taste of her musical versatility, you need to check out MARS RODRIGUEZ’ “The End” immediately.

We love the eerie ambiance that lurks in the energy of “The End.” Could you please take us into the inspiration behind this track?

“The End”, it’s kind of self-explanatory... it’s about ending a situation without being so logical in our decision-making. There is a tendency in our society to make this and that, to make the “right thing”, to play it safe and that can definitely lead us to live an unfulfilled life and not exploring and living to our full potential. The song invites you to own your voice, own your vision of whatever you want to do, to not be scared to change, re-route and align with your true self. On a personal note, this song was kind of a premonition, I just when through a lot of changes and ended some cycles, it blows my mind the timing and releasing this song during this moment of my life.

Being a multifaceted artist and the mastermind behind your compositions, what did the creative process for “The End” look like when bringing it to life?

Like most of the time, I make the music first. I often jam to find new sounds and stuff. So the 1st thing that came up was the keyboard noise at the beginning of the song and from there, it just flowed. After that, I made the basic structure and I wrote the lyrics. Something unexpected happened when I was almost finishing the mix, I changed the interlude... I was feeling unsure about this particular section of the song, so I tried something else, and voila! changing the interlude was needed. Oftentimes, as artists, we fall in love with a riff or a cool section but sometimes we have to be able to let it go, and use things that work. That’s why the producer’s role is so important, to be able to see beyond, see the bigger picture, and find what the song actually needs.

What was it like on the set of the music video? You explore such a unique series of scenes! Did the vision come to life the way you were hoping?

For the video, I had the pleasure to work with Lauren Shelburne, she filmed, captured the whole vibe and I edited the video. The concept is careless, bedroom vibes, just hanging around where I live. We didn't plan anything, I wanted to be spontaneous, it was so much fun making this video and I'm happy how it turned out.

How does “The End” compare to other songs released in your music catalog? What makes “The End” stand out?

“The End” is the 1st single from my upcoming album. I feel it’s different, it has more electronic and pop elements combined with rock in this song. Definitely, keyboards and weird, experimental sounds are playing a huge role on this album.

What's next?

Currently working on my upcoming album that will be out later this year. Also, I will be releasing more singles and working visuals/videos with other artists, I'm very excited!



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