Mashawi Just Dropped New Track "Confusion, Pt. 2", That Is Changing The Hip-Hop Game

Mashawi is an artist who values independence and authenticity. Mashawi separates his music from the rest through his ability to curate sounds and exceptional lyricism based off of raw and personal experience. This artist isn’t trying to fall into a general category—he’s creating his own category. Before putting his passion and drive into creating his music, Mashawi first took time for himself to truly find the real him. He travelled, studied, and surrounded himself with various influences that would take his production to the next level. Mashawi put all of his experience and growth into the make of his lyricism and sound, and it’s safe to say that he is creating a sound that is changing the hip hop category.


“Confusion, Pt. 2” is Mashawi’s most recent release. It’s an interesting mix of hip-hop with some pop elements added to it. The song initially captures the listeners attention with the small excerpt of him talking — “I’m in my feelings deep, trying to rock myself to sleep, thinking my life keeps playing me over and over” “I’m bad for me—all this uncertainty”; at this point as a listener, I am deeply intrigued in terms of what I’m about to hear next. Beginning the song with such an excerpt was a unique musical strategy to engage the listener. Mashawi continues the track then by incorporating catchy beats with his alluring integration of singing and rap with an underlying melody that takes over the song. “Confusion, Pt, 2” really gets your head racing with all of the varying melodies, sounds and synths throughout. It makes me feel dizzy, but in a experiential way, which makes me realize the extent of Mashawi’s musical capabilities. 

Listen to “Confusion, Pt. 2” here and get to know more about Mashawi below!