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Mashawi’s New Single “Run Up” Is A Flawless Bop

Mashawi, a Toronto native, is not new to the music industry by any means. He is one that always stands out from the crowd never one to be labeled by society. This celebrity stylist has always been surrounded by fashion and music. Mashawi grew up in a family full of musicians which influenced his pursuit in performing in school, for talent shows, and even him auditioning for Canadian Idol. Mashawi’s break from the music world came right after high school. During this time he discovered where he belonged through traveling, the college life, and most recently, becoming a celebrity stylist. But he is ready to make a come back like no other. Mashawi is ready to give his audience a hit with his new single “Run Up”.

"Run Up" is definitely a statement song. The message behind the single is encouraging those to do things the way you want and telling your haters like hey “Run Up” but you can get it! It’s your diehard f**k your haters kind of single. It definitely has a trap/hiphop bounce giving it the flexibility of being a dance song. There’s high keys throughout this song that gives an eerie but house feel. Definitely a great production choice. It ends with a solid come down taking away the heavy trap beat and ending with the high keys only. This single is one Mashawi is telling everyone “Hey, I am here and I am not going anywhere!” and that is what I love about it. Don’t be afraid to be you and do exactly what you want to do.

Listen to "Run Up" here and connect with Mashawi on social media below!

Social Media: @mashawimusic


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