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Mathew V Is “Healing,” And Thriving

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter and lush adult contemporary recording artist Mathew V soothes the soul with his gentle new hit, "Healing," from his Juno Award-nominated EP, 'The Outer Circle.'

Mathew V has firmly planted his roots in the vibrant Canadian music scene. At the mere age of 17, he moved to London, England, discovering his signature sound and musical awakening. Now back in Van, Mathew V has had the chance to work alongside names like Dan Mangan, Shaun Frank, Fly by Midnight, and open for Betty Who, MAGIC, Ria Mae, and more.

The Canadian recording artist just secured his first Juno Award nomination for his recent dynamic EP, 'The Outer Circle,' featuring the gentle and deeply heartfelt single, "Healing." The song offers an incredibly cathartic theme of noticing yourself healing from past trauma and heartbreak, and while you might not be entirely healed, acknowledging your growth is the needed first step.

Peeling back the layers of "Healing," the song warmly opens with lush and delicate acoustic guitar picking alongside Mathew V's blissful hums that float and flutter like a butterfly. As he begins setting the scene with intimate and personal lyrics that ask for someone's embrace, help, and love, Mathew V softly moves his way over to the hook while making some essential realizations.

A soothing piano melody meets the ears on the hook alongside Mathew V's elegant vocal harmonies that bring the song deeper into his personal emotions and journeys. This song has to be one of the most authentic and cathartic we've heard this year; there's so much tender emotion to hear in Mathew V's performance, and his dreamy sonics perfectly match the entire delicate and chilling vibe.

Do some soul searching and begin your process to "Healing" with Mathew V's latest hit from his recent 6-track EP, 'The Outer Circle,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mathew V. You've left us swooned with your gentle and meaningful single, "Healing." What inspired you to write this uber personal and emotional piece?

Thanks so much for the kind words! This song is my personal favorite from my catalog. I typically write music very fast, but this song took me a few years to finish. It has traveled through many different lyrical concepts and titles, but nothing felt right until I landed on “Healing.” It felt like I had finally found the sentiment that matched what I was going through and also matched how the melody made me feel.

How does "Healing" fit into the concept and theme of your recent EP 'The Outer Circle?’

During the pandemic, I found myself struggling to write as I had no new experiences coming in for inspiration. I took the opportunity to dive into past experiences that I had bottled up and pushed down. That process made me realize that I had a lot of things that I hadn’t dealt with, and in turn... this EP was very therapeutic.

What do you hope to make your audience experience when listening to the six tracks from 'The Outer Circle'?

I hope that this music finds people who can relate to it. I think music has a beautiful way of finding us when we need it most. This EP touches on many different events, moods, themes, and feelings that I think different people would relate to in different ways. If I can help one person feel like they are not alone in their experience, that’s super cool for me.

How does 'The Outer Circle' EP represent your growth as a person and artist? Would you say this project is your most evolved and mature to date?

I think that this project is definitely my most mature. I was more honest with myself on this project than I have been in the past. I also allowed myself to make music that may not have been as flashy as some of my previous, which left me vulnerable. However, I found it super empowering to feel confident in the bare bones of these songs. It was a wonderful step for me, and I’m really proud of this body of work.

You were recently nominated for a JUNO Award for Adult Contemporary Album of The Year for 'The Outer Circle' EP. Can you explain how it feels to be nominated and what's next for you?

Being nominated for a JUNO is something I’ve had on my career bucket list since I started music. It’s a huge honor to be nominated amongst artists whom I respect and some that I am lucky to call friends. Celine Dion (my idol) was nominated in this category last year... which blows my mind a little. This has been a wonderful nod of validation on a project where I trusted my instincts and took a risk. I’m currently starting a new project that is definitely a big risk for me... but it feels so right. I’m looking forward to that journey, and with some amazing shows coming up, I’m looking forward to sharing musical moments with wonderful humans.

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