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Matt Paul Drops His Flavorful Banger, "Dial 4 U"

Los Angeles-based pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Matt Paul invites us to get in the groove with his latest passionate single entitled "Dial 4 U."

With a background in audio engineering, Paul began his solo career as a DJ before delving into recording and releasing his own original tracks. Influenced by Drake, Aaliyah, and Justin Timberlake, Matt Paul is known for creating a sweet blend of genres like pop, r&b, and hip-hop. He's also had the opportunity to collaborate alongside producers like Yonas-K Beatz (Jhene Aiko), Louxtwo (Chris Brown, Tory Lanez), VSHY (Tory Lanez), and more.

Fueling our passionate fires with his latest single, "Dial 4 U," Matt Paul delves into an incredibly lighthearted and spirited venture while dialing for someone's TLC. We love the song's overall nostalgic feel, as it reminds us of classic 00s songs from acts like 50 Cent.

Hitting play on "Dial 4 U," the track opens with Matt Paul's groovy and melodic hook alongside sweet woodwind samples, a warm acoustic guitar, and the punchiest of hip-hop drums. As Matt Paul jumps into the first verse, he begins to playfully expand on how he's always down for someone's call while feeling nothing but intrigued and enticed by their alluring ways.

As Matt Paul continues to deliver the utmost passionate and playful lyrics, he keeps the groove alive with his rhythmic delivery and the song's overall chilling sonic arrangements. As the track comes to a close, Matt Paul gives us all the passion and desire we need from a heartfelt and playful song like this.

Add "Dial 4 U" to your booty-call playlist, and find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Matt Paul. We adore the playful and energetic feel of your latest single, "Dial 4 U." What inspired you to write this passionate and spirited single?

I appreciate the love! This single was about past experiences in relationships. It’s about the feeling of wanting someone so badly that you’ll do whatever it takes to get them to come over.

Did you create the beat yourself for "Dial 4 U?" Why did you choose to go with this nostalgic, warm, and melodic sonic background? Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating the sonics?

The song was produced by HossyBeats. I’m a big fan of the 90s R&B vibes it gives off. The integration of the guitar riffs over the percussion is really something special. One of my biggest influences in music is Aaliyah and this track is definitely an ode to her work. I try to emulate her sound in a modern-day form through all of my work. It’s the best way I feel I can pay homage to one of my late idols.

What impact did you want to make on the listener with your single, "Dial 4 U?" What did you want them to feel and experience?

I wanted the listener to really be able to vibe to the song and for it to provoke emotions out of people. I think the act of chasing after someone you truly adore is so common, and I just wanted to capture that in a record. I hope it resonates well with people.

On a broader note, since you've worked with rather notable producers across the board, could you enlighten us on what you've learned when working with such skilled industry professionals? What did you take away from these experiences?

Being in the industry has really taught me a lot about myself since I began singing officially. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of talented producers, engineers, and songwriters. Collaborating with them has lead to a lot of great experiences and has really opened my eyes to put a value on my own work ethic. I’ve become somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my music and that’s something I’m proud of!

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