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Matt Von and Dan-Drama Join Forces and Get a Little "Crazy," In New Release

Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist Matt Von represents his city of Toronto, Ontario, proudly.

Matt Von has come a long way in remaking and reintroducing his sound to the world. With music playing an important role in his life, his songwriting process has continued to develop with his unique talents through the years.

With his first single back into the captivating world of music, Matt Von is fresh off of the release of "Crazy," and taking in the success of his journey at an all-time high. Taking the song's original ambiance and seasoned flavoring, the entrancing creation at hand is now placed in the reins of up-and-coming producer Dan-Drama, to acquaint Matt Von’s audience with a charismatic, fresh remix of the tracks naturally inviting appeal.

Bringing this song into the realm of Electronic music, there is an undeniable zest that gets sprinkled into the bubbly rhythm exuded. With a cargo of concepts that take this song to the next level, Matt Von’s buttery vocalization collides with this enhanced instrumentation in a way that would make you think this is the original version of, “Crazy.”

Joining forces and combining the simmering talents of Matt Von and Dan-Drama, the dynamism between these two are responsible for developing otherworldly atmospheric bliss in the spellbinding distortion that is known to Electronic melodies. Fused between universes that delve into an array of gravitational singularities, you are seamlessly transmitted to the charming presence as this duo displays their artistic versatility for all to see, hear, and feel.

The Dan-Drama remix of Matt Von’s, “Crazy,” is sure to set the thermostat off in a conveyance of sizzling energy. We suggest listening with the volume full blast and with your body ready to move to the music. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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