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Matt Von Uses His Lush Guitar Melodies for an Unforgettable Storytelling Experience

Canadian artist Matt Von released his debut EP back in 2017 and took a hard-earned break while he gained experience and musical dexterity.

He has recently made a comeback with his vulnerable and fiery single “Crazy”, a pop-infused melody about uncontrollable attraction featuring his heart-stopping guitar solos.

Matt Von takes a special interest in the creation of his music, involving himself heavily in the production and songwriting with the help of talented producers and his musician sister Sarah Jordan.

The songwriting duo is able to combine their personal experiences and love of music for a heartfelt and relatable musical experience. Matt Von uses his incredible guitar skills and enthralling solos to parallel his lyrics and tie his stories together.

What results is an innovative extension of his thoughts and feelings – and of course a splash of fun. He is not afraid to push his musical boundaries and expose himself to new opportunities, a quality that will lead him to success.

Matt Von is constantly connecting with his listeners both online and through his insightful lyrics, and his inspiring work ethic keeps his career moving forward every day. Check out our recent interview with Matt Von, here


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