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Matthew Zeitler Releases a Heavy Breakup Anthem With, "Love's Dead"

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the pop-punk/hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter Matthew Zeitler hits the breaks on a toxic relationship with his latest single, "Love's Dead."

Now ready to share his creations with the world, Matthew Zeitler found his early influences through acts like The Chainsmokers, blackbear, Jeremy Zucker, and EDEN. Creating a distinct mix of pop, punk, and hip-hop, Matthew Zeitler makes his performances all the more potent through unique vocal stylings and powerful lyric writing.

Produced by Matthew Zeitler and AJ Healey (Shaun Frank, Delaney Jane, Olivia Lunny, etc.), "Love's Dead" takes listeners through the powerful emotions of fleeing from a toxic relationship and finally seeing someone's true colors. When speaking upon the single, Zeitler quoted, "Though the lyrics reveal frustration, they also show a degree of acceptance and promote self-healing."

"Love's Dead" takes us into the prime times of pop-punk through the intro's emotional electric guitar melodies and Matthew Zeitler's powerful vocal delivery. While the background sonics begin to expand through organic acoustic guitars, we're met with heavy drum kicks that pulse with vigor and stamina.

Listening to Matthew Zeitler's lyricism, he goes back and forth from melodically singing his pains to offering more of a rhythmic approach, rapping about his sense of relief from waving his white flag. Also coming through with rather spiteful lyricism, Matthew Zeitler truly created the ultimate breakup tune for anyone to connect with.

Don't miss out on the Toronto artist's latest breakup anthem, "Love's Dead," and familiarize yourself with Matthew Zeitler's broad sonic and lyrical range.

We're excited to dive deeper into the creation of your emotional and powerful single, "Love's Dead." What pushed you to release your emotions through song and create this heavy breakup anthem?

When I write songs I tell a story in my head. I usually see a collection of visuals and lyrics that essentially just pass through my mind as I work. With that said, it’s inevitable that there will be traces of my personal experiences in my songwriting. However, I tend to keep it as relatable as possible for the listener. I want anybody that hears my songs to be able to connect to them in some way, and that’s something I really love about songwriting. Admittedly I didn’t have a bad experience with someone that led to me writing Love’s Dead, but that’s fine. I know that there are a lot of people who have, and maybe this song can have a positive impact on them.

What was your creative process when formulating the production for "Love's Dead" with AJ Healey? Do the two of you often collaborate on creative works?

My manager Marcus Del reintroduced me to AJ Healey during the summer. Since then, he has been taking my demos to the next level sonically. We work well together and the whole process from start to finish is really seamless. I’ll spend hours in my home studio producing my demo and recording my vocals. After my demo is done, I’ll export all the stems from the project and send them to AJ. From there it’s just a matter of discussing the direction we want to go, and improving the sound. AJ can also play guitar a lot better than me which definitely helps take my songs to the next level.

Did you find it challenging to sit down and write such honest, spiteful, and emotional lyricism for "Love's Dead?” Or was it more of a needed venting session?

Songwriting can definitely be challenging, but I’m usually having so much fun with it that I don’t notice. I spent 12 hours making the demo for Love’s Dead one morning in August. I didn’t leave my studio the whole day, and by the end of the session, it was done. There were moments where I carefully thought about what I wanted to say while pacing back and forth and singing various lyrics, but for the most part, it was fairly easy. When I’m really into a song, it basically writes itself. With Love’s Dead I got to play this over-dramatic but frustrated character in a story I told in my head. I was always that kid that couldn’t stop talking (I still am), so songwriting is my way of getting my ideas and thoughts out while doing something I love. I guess love isn’t dead after all. ;)

What did you want your audience to grasp or take away from your single "Love's Dead?” Did you want them to feel empowered to take action in their own lives?

I always want my music to have a positive influence on my listeners. Even if it sounds like I’m saying something negative, I think there’s always something deeper to be learned. In the case of Love’s Dead, I hope it gives listeners motivation to speak their thoughts and feelings openly in a relationship. Too many times people stay with toxic people because they don’t think there’s better, or that they don’t deserve better. Everybody deserves the best and shouldn’t think otherwise, and I hope Love’s Dead helps people reach that realization.

What can we expect to see next?

We’re currently working on an album. Love’s Dead is only the start of my new sound and for the past year, I’ve been writing songs non-stop. I can’t wait to share this project with the world, and my whole team and I are proud of everything we’ve accomplished. Stay tuned!



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