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Mauricio Alexandro Lopez Digs Deep With 'EYEr'

Mauricio Alexandro Lopez, a singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer from Tracy, CA, has released his first musical project under his name, titled 'EYEr' EP.

Raised in a family passionate about music, Mauricio grew up listening to various genres, from mariachi to West Coast Hip Hop. Eminem's performance in 8 Mile inspired him to write raps on napkins and notepads at 12. After studying at a community college for a few semesters, he moved to Los Angeles with his friends to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Mauricio's journey in Southern California helped him gain experience in different fields, including audio engineering and songwriting. He worked alongside his brother Aaron Lopez, recording groups and solo acts all over California, and became a formidable producer. Presently, he is a student and teacher of music and shares his journey with others through his podcast 'EP Plug Me In,' which streams on Spotify. With 'EYEr' EP, Mauricio aims to showcase his Mexican American experience and perspective and break away from the stereotypes associated with Latin music.

The EP opens with "VIVA," a track that reflects Mauricio's heritage and roots. The lyrics pay tribute to his Mexican father, native Arizonian mother, and Texas influences, blending different sounds and cultures to create a unique mix. The song's chorus captures the EP's essence, showing that Mexicans can have a place in music without adopting well-known stereotypes of Latin acts.

"The Mirror Doesn't Lie" follows with an introspective tone, reflecting on the struggles and hardships of growing up in certain areas. The song is a call to action to acknowledge injustices and strive for progress. The lyrics are poignant, powerful, and reflective, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and acceptance.

"What Could Be" is a soulful track that delves into uncertainty and questioning oneself. The lyrics express a longing for something out of reach, and the hook adds a layer of vulnerability to the track. The melody is soothing, and the instrumentation complements the lyrics, making the song stand out on the EP.

The EP concludes with "Do Eye Exist?" a track that features an introspective and melancholic tone. The lyrics express a sense of confusion and existential crisis, with Mauricio searching for answers to unanswerable questions. The refrain and chorus are emotive and powerful, and the verses glimpse Mauricio's personal struggles and experiences.

'EYEr' EP is a testament to Mauricio's talent and creativity. The EP blends different sounds and cultures, showcasing Mauricio's ability to tell his story through music. The lyrics are introspective, reflective, and poignant, providing a glimpse into Mauricio's experiences and struggles. The EP is an impressive debut and leaves listeners wanting more.

Be sure to give this one a listen; out everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mauricio Alexandro Lopez; congrats on representing your roots on your “EYEr” EP. The title of your debut EP, "EYEr," is quite intriguing. Can you tell us a little about its meaning and how it relates to your personal and musical journey?

“EYEr” is another word for “seeker,” “truth seeker,” or “way seeker.” It relates to my personal search for identity. I wanted to create a conversation piece to provide a perspective in a lane that isn’t too common sonically, the Mexican American perspective. “EYEr" represents that journey beginning because every track aims to let you into my perspective. In my little Rorschach Test, I hold up a picture, and what do you see? Perspective is paramount; the name “EYEr” helps me remember that. Where I am at musically is blending Hip Hop and R&B in the form of monologues.”

The lyrics in "VIVA" vividly depict your Mexican American experience and perspective. Can you articulate how your heritage influences your music and the message you hope to convey through your lyrics?

“VIVA is inspired loosely by Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa. My heritage is connected to military history on both my American and Mexican sides, so I’m constantly caught in the middle of each identity. I took a History of Mexico class in college taught by a white man ironically and felt a need to convey myself as one with my heritage. I learned in the class that Spanish friar Diego de Landa burned, by his own account, 27 priceless Maya screen fold manuscripts in front of the church in the 4,000-year-old town of Maní, on the Yucatan peninsula, on the evening of July 12th, 1562. It was an attempt to erase the memory of their gods and ancient beliefs in the minds of the Maya people. July 12th is my birthday, another coincidence. As the story ended there for such priceless historical events, a new chapter began in my life as another writer of that history. “VIVA” was a fun way to say I'm like a new Revolutionary coming out of nowhere, musically.”

"The Mirror Doesn’t Lie" touches on themes of identity and societal pressures. How important is it for you to use your music as a platform to address these issues and connect with your audience on a deeper level?

“It’s the most important point of the record. “The Mirror Doesn’t Lie” scared me when I wrote it. I knew the history of African Americans more than I knew my own by Elementary School. I heard the “N” word frequently said by many who weren’t Black throughout my life. I have been called “White Washed” for not being Mexican enough, but what about my people being “Black-Washed?” That's a huge question I don’t think many people think about. Regardless of what culture you identify with the most, when you look in the mirror, you are who you are inside a long list of ancestry. “The Mirror Doesn’t Lie” is an absolute. Is there a difference between who you identify as and who your ancestors say you are? Excerpts from Prestigious Director Guillermo Del Toro and Actor John Leguizamo paint two sides of the current Latino coin. Guillermo says we need to come together because we are subjected to division amongst each other. John lists the uncredited history of inventions we are responsible for as Latin people. They use their platform to inform, so I shall do the same.”

"Do eye Exist?" explores existential questions and the search for answers. Can you share with us some of the personal experiences or challenges that inspired this song and how it fits within the context of the EP as a whole?

“DO eye Exist?” was inspired by going down the rabbit hole of TikTok conspiracy theory videos about The Simulation, The End Times, Past Civilization and the popularization of identity diversity. One thing came to mind if the world were to end, how many of us would be truly ready? Are we ready in this world where everything is a conspiracy and we can’t agree on our beliefs? In “What Could Be,” I speak of the Uvalde School shooting where children lost their lives. Will these events lead to a disarming of the nation? I begin asking various questions in the 3rd verse, can you find fresh water? Can you grow your food? Can you mediate your mental and physical health long enough to survive and help others? Can you find and operate a firearm? At that moment, it won’t matter who is more Mexican, black or white. You’ll be thirsty, hungry and scared. I close the track with an excerpt from Jordan Peterson, who eloquently drives the point home of us as a nation being so focused on owning our identities we lack an awareness of being “one” with each other. Myself included. You are ultimately asking for Hell on Earth. Super deep, yes, but with your attention, I plan on using my voice for all those thoughts we’re scared to discuss. That’s the EP’s purpose.”

With the release of "EYEr," you've proven yourself a formidable producer, songwriter, and rapper. What can we expect from you in the future, both musically and creatively? Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited to share with your fans?

“I am releasing music videos for the “EYEr” EP in May. You can find that on my Youtube Channel under my full name, “Mauricio Alexandro Lopez.” I plan on expanding this story of my Mexican American perspective with another collection by Summer. As well as another collection of R&B and POP music outside of this theme. Consistency is my only focus. I am excited to share if you want honest writing and something with substance. Blessings and Love. VIVA”


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