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Maurico Tells Us About His “Goals” In His Latest Track

Maurico is the epitome of a hard worker. This Nashville native began at the age of seven, experimenting with old keyboards and cassette players. Growing up he never had the money to get the proper equipment, but he made things work by being creative. By the time he was in high school, Maurico was writing his own raps and performing in clubs. After spending five years in a collaboration, he decided to branch out on his own. Coordinating a promotions team, release parties, producing and shooting videos, Maurico stopped at nothing to gain notoriety on his own. Not letting his circumstances make him a victim he took what he had and made a way for himself. And with that attitude brought along the connection with Matchbox Twenty member Kyle Cook. This connection was the birth of his five-song EP. And sharing his latest song “Goals”.

This is such a heartfelt track. Something that shows adversity. I love that he uses both of his talents of singing and rapping as a really amazing collaboration in this track. It gives the track a double feel almost like it’s several features. I love the beat as well. It is slow and bouncy giving it both that R&B and Hip-hop swag. The lyricism in this track is extremely influential and motivational. There was a lot of work and thought put into this track and its message really gives us an insight to this talented artist.

Listen to "Goals" here, and get to know more about Maurico in our interview below!

What’s up! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Maurico a Hiphop and RnB artist from Nashville TN. 

What about making music do you love the most?

I love the creative process. I like to make music that sounds beautiful no matter the style. My whole focus is to create a great vibe embedded with powerful lyrics. I like pushing the limits and aiming for new sounds and moods. I’m most proud when I’ve created something that doesn’t sound like someone else. The freedom to create exactly what I’m feeling at the moment is what’s important to me. There’s nothing like injecting your emotions into a work of art and then stepping back to appreciate what you have made. The best part is sharing it with the world and gaining feedback and appreciation from them as well. Affecting someone positively gives me a sense of fulfillment. That’s my aim. 

How would you say your hometown influences your music?

Nashville is a huge influence to my music because first and foremost it’s home. This is where I became everything I am. So much of my up bringing contributes to the music I create. Nashville is also a musically diverse city, which adds greatly to my different styles. This again helps in freedom of creativity. 

"Goals" is such a vibe! Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of the track? Did you face any challenges?

"Goals" was created from a place of wanting success. Everyone has some sort of idea of personal fulfillment. This fulfillment is the reason we wake up everyday. It gives life its meaning. I wanted to make a song that not only encourages myself to set goals and shoot for the stars, but also encourage others to do the same. I want people to have a sense of fulfillment in life. I think that brings true happiness. I believe everyone deserves to experience that feeling.


What is your favorite line in “Goals” and why?

My favorite line is:

“Even if you working two jobs

do what you gotta do to make it out. 

And they’ll probably never believe In you 

Gotta show them what you about.“

This line I know hits home for a lot dreamers and visionaries. When you are trying to be someone great you have to work harder then you have ever worked. A lot of times it requires you to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently. When you have a dream or Vision sometimes other people can’t see what you see until you make it reality. This makes it hard for people to believe in you and support you at the beginning. Usually this is one of the most painful realities of chasing your dreams. I wanted to encourage people to keep pushing until it happens. Be great. Never give up. 

When having a creative block what do you do to unblock?

When ever I have a creative block I take some time to rest, recollect my thoughts and experience new things to refuel my imagination and overall knowledge. It’s hard to recall a thought that has never been put inside your brain. You have to consistently fuel and feed your mind with knowledge. I read, listen to inspirational music, inspirational speakers, spend time with family and friends, and overall just aim to experience more of life. Once I’m refueled I’m ready to release it into the music for the world. 

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

In the near future my fans can expect a continuous effort and push toward better, more fulfilling music. Music that influences a more healthier fulfilled life. My new brand is “Better Music. Better Life.” That is my focus and vision for the future. I’m currently releasing lots of singles and in the process of creating a album entitled “Thanx A lot.” I want my listeners to have a positive listening experience that adds to their life and doesn’t subtract.


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