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Max Edwards Lets Love Shine In “Malibu”

Alternative artist Max Edwards from Whistler BC, Canada, sings about letting go of someone whose material aspirations don't match love in "Malibu."

Max Edwards has always had art as an essential aspect of his life; since he was a child, he has been writing songs that make his living in Canada's mountains more exciting and poetic. He feeds his love for music from the work of other artists, and now his objective is to create music that could inspire others.

His new single "Malibu" is full of summer vibes, greatly contrasting with the mountains where Max skis. You can picture this song being played by the beach with an overall ambiance of a chilling mood and well-being. However, its lyrics talk about someone who wants an expensive life in Malibu while his lover can't afford it and wonders if he is destined to be alone.

"Malibu" starts with relaxing guitar chords with a gloomy touch as the drums get in with a sound close to hip-hop. Then, Max Edwards' melodic and youthful voice sings with a tone of lament, suffering from a broken heart, while the reverberant effects on the instrumentals and his voice make "Malibu" sound enveloping and emotional.

The chorus is climatic as Max lets his vocal skills all out; at that point, you must sing along and feel with him. It is easy to relate to his lyrics because it hurts to see romance fall apart from pursuing material interests. Sometimes it is better to let go and patch up your heart with music and such a lovely song as "Malibu."

Love can be complicated, and letting go is scary, but everything seems better by hitting the play button on "Malibu."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Max Edwards, and a big congrats on your latest release, "Malibu." How did you come up with the idea of "Malibu?"

I wrote "Malibu" earlier this year when I was super into the indie rock/pop vibe. I didn't think much of it at 1st, but over time It started to grow on me. I've always loved songs named after a place, and "Malibu" kept getting stuck in my head for some reason. I knew I had to write something along the lines of it.

How would you describe the creative process of making "Malibu?"

As I mentioned, I always loved the idea of songs named after places. I wanted to write something about Malibu. One of the 1st parts I wrote In the song was, "She wants to live in Malibu, meet some other dude, do some other kinda shit that I could never do." After having that part down, the rest of the song came together pretty fast. Some of the original lyrics and melodies just weren't doing it for me, so it took a bit of time to fully finish the writing. I also mixed and mastered this song, which took a long time to finish because I wanted to get a specific sound. That alone was almost the death of me, haha. I am thrilled with how the song ended, and I hope everyone loves it!

Who were your most significant musical influences in making "Malibu?"

Artists like Dominic Fike, Lauv, Charlie Puth, and Arden Jones significantly influenced this song. Something about their writing styles and flow has inspired me to write new styles of music.

In which way would you like to inspire others with your music?

I grew up being obsessed with music, and I know that's why I am so into making it now. I hope one day I can inspire up-and-coming artists the way my favorite artists have and continue to inspire me. Music is also a powerful tool, and it can affect and change many people's lives. I don't always write happy and positive music, but I always wish my music and myself could spread positivity and love to people.

What's next for you?

For now, I am just going to continue making as much music and content as I can. I am also getting ready for my 1st EP release, which I am crazy excited to share with everyone!

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