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Max Edwards Says Goodbye Bye On His Emotional New Release “This Is Where I Leave You”

The Whistler-based artist can’t have you just being along for the ride anymore.

Hailing from the small yet beautiful town of Whistler, B.C, up-and-coming artist Max Edwards has spent no time putting his musical talents on display. An independent singer, songwriter, and producer with a flair for groovy, enticing melodies, he initially established himself on the back of a style that fuses Pop/R&B. Ever the artist at heart, he’s since expanded his artistic repertoire, experimenting and incorporating Indie and alt-pop style influences into his music as well. This rising artist seems destined for big things shortly after having burst onto the scene at a breakneck pace.

After getting bit by the music bug in his last couple of years of high school, Edwards’s love for music would only swell more and more. After learning how to produce and record himself, he’s gone from strength to strength, capturing the imaginations of listeners everywhere with releases like “It Is What It Is,” “Deeper Down,” and “Malibu.” His main goal for music stated to be able to “Work and meet with as many artists and musicians as possible, continue to be inspired by my favorite artists and friends, and to continue to create and release music for as long as possible” his genuine love for his art shines through in every release, helping him forge connections with his listeners on more profound, emotional levels.

Smooth, groovy, and packed with emotion, “This Is Where I Leave You” is the product of Edwards’ latest artistic efforts. A testament to his continued evolution as an artist, the track features crisp production and a perfect blend of instrumentals and Edwards’ vocal performance. Featuring smooth, pensive instrumentals that mimic the uncertainty of relationships and heartbreak, Edwards’ standout vocal performance draws you in and doesn’t let go. As he sings lyrics like “Then this where I leave you / This is where I don’t wanna say goodbye bye, but I’m gonna,” emotions swell like a torrential downpour. If Edwards can keep his subsequent releases at this level, the sky will be the limit for this talented artist.

Max Edwards is an upcoming artist out of Whistler, B.C., whose crisp production and captivating vocal performances will leave a lasting impression. “This Is Where I Leave You” feels right at home in R&B or Your Feels playlists, and whenever you’re ready to embark on a new musical journey, tap in and stream Max Edwards’ latest release, “This Is Where I Leave You,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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