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Mayhemtom Is “Falling” Gracefully With The Release Of His Latest Single

After fronting several bands as a lead vocalist, Mayhemtom (Tom John) retreated to the busy world of medicine. However, he returned to music in recent years. He was drawing songwriting inspiration from authentic sources such as a difficult childhood, initial aspirations as a musician, the incredible highs, the trauma of working as an oncologist, and a period of experiencing burnout.

Resulting in his most recent full body of work, the album 'The Art Of Flying While Falling,' is a collection of songs that dance through a range of styles. From upbeat rockers, funk-based grooves, and dark ballads to atmospheres reminiscent of Radiohead, each component mirrors influences and moods at the heart of the music.

If that's the case, Mayhemtom is a direct reflection of the illuminated and effervescent world around him with the album's lead single, "Falling." As Mayhemtom immerses us in a dreamy upbeat realm of profound realization, the poignant keys present in this record act as the soundtrack to our life the moment we press play.

We admire the radiant atmosphere that's present as Mayhemtom showcases his authentic persona as he shares with us his lessons of love and moving beyond the dirt life can sometimes bring you.

Paired with a dynamic guitar riff that effortlessly tours you through the song's sonic and narrative peaks and valleys and a bassline that rumbles in your heart, Mayhemtom's grand timbres bloom from the instrumentation.

Offering his audience a supple yet prevailing essence as he pours emotion into lyrics like "In my dreams, I was flying, in reality, I was falling," it's impossible to shy away from the intoxicating allure that he bestows upon us. As we indulge ourselves in "Falling," Mayhemtom truly brings a lively energy to this record, allowing it to stand out from the crowd.

Giving us a glimpse of what unfolds in 'The Art Of Flying While Falling,' we feel we have direct insight into the heart and mind Mayhemtom places in his music.

Treat yourself to "Falling" on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mayhemtom! We love your passion in the album's lead single, "Falling." Please share some insight into the inspiration behind this record.

Falling is a song about unconditional love, written about my wife. It was written during a difficult time when I was going through a period of burnout. During those times, I felt very alone, but my wife really showed me she was right by my side the whole way. When we look at the album in all its glory, what's the concept you placed into 'The Art Of Flying While Falling?'

The concept wasn’t predetermined. When I looked back on the songs I had written that went into the album, the word “falling” came up in several songs independently. I also began to realize that while I thought I was fine during those tough periods, I was falling. But the art was in pretending to not only seem normal but to be doing even better! This is why the album was called the art of flying - it's perspective which you sometimes only glean after you have landed, that you were falling and being held up, not flying. We can only imagine how profound it is to see you perform these songs live. Has the reception been great at concerts? Do you have a favorite track off the album to share with the crowd?

Yes, the album debut live show was amazing. There were around 200 people in the room, and it really went off. People got right into it; it was such a relief. The song I still love the most about the album is Alone. It is a little more complex as a song, switching between 5/4 and 4/4 and a string part that rises into the melodic minor. Unfortunately, it is hard to emulate the strings live, but it is still a lot of fun to play. But the song that I love playing live the most is called Hurt. There is a lot of emptiness, where the band is doing very little, mixed with some powerful lyrics. The change at the end has a soaring guitar solo that is magnificent. I love playing and getting into it on stage. Through the moving lyrics you powerfully perform in this song, what message would you like your audience to take away?

Each song has its own story. There isn't a unifying message. I think the album is complex but catchy. There is a lot of silence and emptiness in the tracks, which we really worked hard to maintain. The album is dark, with abuse, betrayal, and divorce themes. But there are lighter moments too. What would you like this album to say about you as an artist?

I find I am drawn to darker indie music in general. Bands such as the National, Elliot Smith, and Radiohead are bands I have loved for some time. I would like this album to reflect these darker themes. I think wallowing in these themes helps deal with grief and despair. But I also want the album to reflect positivity. Behind all the darkness, there is light and hope. As an artist, I would hope the audience would appreciate the music is sophisticated but very accessible and the themes in the songs have a deeper meaning.

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