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MC Mont Released His Focused New Hit!

MC Mont, who was first known as Pe$o Mont and Money Mont, is an artist born in Michigan City, Indiana but moved to Atlanta at the age of 5. He has various of influences ranging from Young Thug, Future, and Drake. He got his foot in the door as a local producer at the age of 14 before slowly crafting his own sound at the age of 18. By the time he graduated high school, he created his first mixtape. Coming up, MC Mont had to self-teach himself everything he knew before he caught the eyes of a professional who helped enhance his skills and knowledge of production. MC Mont is now 21 years old and is searching for more opportunities to better his craft and meet and collaborate with new creative innovative musicians.

MC Mont released his single titled “Focus”, featuring artist Edub. "Focus” sounds like something we could most definitely hear on the radio. It has this trendy hip-hop sound we so used to clubbing and dancing too, we automatically find ourselves getting hooked on the groove of it. “Focus” has vocals that reminds us of MC Mont's influences, including Future and Young Thug. The raspy and brittle sound complemented by some autotune is what we noticed in the song and we were completely hypnotized by it! We enjoyed the lyricism in this song more than anything. From what we’ve interpreted by listening, "Focus" reflects on themes including dedication, determination, and hustling for your dream and what you want in life. Who doesn’t love a good song that has us encouraged to attain our goals in life? With a head nodding beat, MC Mont was able to develop a substantial uplifting message in a trap sounding record that’s perfectly digestible to the taste buds of today’s generation and lovers of hip-hop.

Listen to "Focus" here. Check out our interview with MC Mont below!

Hello, it's great to be talking with you - welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your music?

Hey my name is Lamont Hawkins I was originally born in Michigan city Indiana but I moved to Atlanta when I was 5 and was raised in in the Marietta area my music right now is hip hop but my hope is that one day I can make that kind of viral music that touches the hearts and souls of people around the world not just people who like hip hop.

What are some challenges you face during the production portion of creating a song?

For me the must difficult part is the beginning getting the idea started once I get it started and I have theme and flow I’m able to roll like a boulder it just usually takes a hard push start.

Tell us about “Focus” and how does the title reflect the theme of the song?

Well the main thing I’m saying and my main point In the song is that I need to stop focusing on women and fake friends and I need to get my money right and focus on my passion this music and so since I said focus so many times in the hook it just made since to name the song focus.

What motivated you to create “Focus”?

Originally it was my grandma that motivated we’ve been going through a really rough time lately and we just lost our place in Atlanta and had to run all the way to Texas with relatives to even survive and I’ve been pursuing my music dream for so long but I haven’t really mad it anywhere because I wasn’t as focused as I should have been due to me being young and having attention did order that causes me to be impulsive and get distracted very easily.

What's your favorite part about “Focus” and why?

My favorite part is the beginning of my verse when I say “had to cut off the h*e she was thotty so I gave her to one of my n****s”.. There’s actually a long story behind that I started dating a girl and she left me to date one of my friends and so at the time it was something I said to make me feel better about losing my girl and a friend all at once.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is going to be experimenting with different genres and really expanding the amount and kinda of listeners I have my ultimate goal is not hip hop I just started there because I’m from Atlanta my real true dream and goal is to get into Pop and house and edm A little alternative country and rock my ultimate goal is to make the kind of music they use in people’s movies and touch hundreds of millions of views on YouTube my ultimate goal is a one billion views.


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