McKayla Prew Seeks the "Prince" of Her Dreams

The Michigan-based singer-songwriter and pop-country artist McKayla Prew turns the tables on a romantic fairy tale love with her latest single, "Prince."

Currently gearing up to release her full-length debut album, 'Mine,' McKayla Prew is incredibly eager to get the ball rolling on her music career with consistent releases. After releasing her well-received debut single, "FAKE FRIENDS," McKayla Prew is now charging down her unique creative path without an end in sight.

Produced by McMusic, McKayla Prew's latest single, "Prince," also features the sweet guitar stylings of Troy Lancaster (Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, etc.). When speaking upon this fairy tale gone wrong of a single, Prew had this to say, "This fairy tale ends up not having a typical happy ending as the dream "Prince" ends up being the greatest villain of the story."

As we begin listening to the single, "Prince," the song opens with Troy Lancaster's bright and twangy electric guitar melodies accompanied by mid-tempo drum breaks and plucky banjo melodies. As McKayla Prew begins vocalizing her passion for someone special, she later transitions into the upbeat chorus while captivating any listener with her beaming and broad vocal range.

Diving deeper into the single and McKayla Prew's lyricism, she sings from a heartfelt and romantic approach until the very last hook, where she switches her lyricism to depict scenes of being a damsel in distress, left in her tower without the prince she dreamed of. We get heavy 'Speak Now' Taylor Swift vibes from this single, as it leaves us chanting McKayla Prew's anthemic lyricism until the very last beat.

Get your dose of reality with McKayla Prew's latest single, "Prince," and keep an eye out for the artist's forthcoming album later this year.

Discover, "Prince," here.