McKayla Prew Will Give You Goosebumps With Her Single, "Gone"

McKayla Prew is a Los Angeles, CA, Singer/Songwriter that recently released her third single, "Gone."

Produced by McMusic, "Gone" encapsulates a heartbreaking experience of McKayla Prew and sheds light on her growing perspective surrounding her personal loss. "Gone" leads in anticipation of McKayla's debut album, which is set to be released within the coming months.

"Gone," which was inspired by a tragic accident involving two of McKayla Prew's close friends, involves many touching thoughts from McKayla Prew. The song begins with a sweet-sounding melody that matches the mellow and delicate vocals of McKayla Prew. Her voice is able to provide a warm embrace, and the storyline of the song is delivered with utmost care.

With affecting lyricism, "Gone" is able to shed light on McKayla Prew's hardships. She drives raw and authentic emotion into each and every line, which allows "Gone" to become a heartfelt single that is most definitely goosebump-worthy. Beautiful and luscious violin melodies take over midway through "Gone", and the harmonious rhythm McKayla Prew picked to be the centre of her song worked to enhance the emotionality contained in "Gone".

One element to "Gone" that didn't go unnoticed was the range that McKayla Prew can take on vocally. She shows listeners the true extent of her talents, and thus how that genuine goosebump effect takes over. All in all, "Gone" was full of real heart, and McKayla Prew has won us over with her honest, soulful recollections.