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MeatSpady Shows Us the "Darklight," With Chill Moody

Hailing from the 'land of the spitters' is Philadelphia-based rapper, songwriter, and hip-hop recording artist MeatSpady with his gripping new track, "Darklight," featuring Chill Moody.

The American hip-hop artist has become known for his heartfelt lyrics, profound storytelling skills, and witty wordplay similar to the likes of staple creators J. Cole, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco. MeatSpady strives to create relatable stories with melodic melodies while capturing those cathartic experiences on stage, never shying away from writing brutally honest and vulnerable words.

Listeners can definitely hear MeatSpady's musical influences like Eminem, Joe Budden, and Nipsey Hussle on his recent hit, "Darklight," alongside smooth-sailing rapper Chill Moody. This song takes us back in time to early 00s hip-hop with the laidback, rather intimidating atmosphere while both rappers let us into their personal thoughts and emotions.

Expanding on "Darklight," the track opens with lush and airy woodwind instrumentals alongside harmonious and gloomy background strings, which reach a halt when the smooth mid-tempo drums crash through. The song's beat takes off with this incredibly nostalgic groove, perfectly evened out with bright effects and samples. MeatSpady's flow in this track is somewhat reminiscent of J. Cole, but his bars enlighten us on the rapper's trials and tribulations in his own authentic and genuine way.

Rapper Chill Moody later makes his way in while offering a similar confident and rhythmic approach as his fellow collaborator, but there's a certain deepness and intensity that Moody has to offer to this already dynamic song. When MeatSpady joins in around the outro, he softly adds his melodic vocals while sending us on our way.

Experience what's beneath the surface of MeatSpady and Chill Moody's latest honest and heavy-hitting single, "Darklight," now available on all streaming platforms.

We love the genuine and personal approach you've taken with your recent single, "Darklight," with Chill Moody. What inspired your honest and relatable bars?

It's an honor to be an artist worthy of a Buzz Music interview so thank you all for having me.

I honestly think it was the instrumentation that inspired the song. It was produced by Tone Jonez. He is a very soulful producer and my favorite. His beats just speak to me and get my emotions going. Once you're in that zone, songs will write themselves. That's my process the majority of the time. I feel it, recall it, then write it.

What was it like working with fellow rapper Chill Moody for "Darklight?" What do you feel he added to the song?

Chill Moody was a perfect fit for the song. I used Instagram to get his attention. All my followers @‘ed him on a post maybe 100 plus times, he saw it, said he was down, I sent the open verse, he sent it back expeditiously, and he did his thing!. I feel like he added validation to the content. Just his style of rapping alone made the track more graceful… which is a difficult task with such dense content. Shout out to Chill Moody. He's one of the good guys for sure.

What was the main impact or takeaway you wanted listeners to experience with "Darklight?"

I wanted listeners to understand what it's like for us as black men in America. These stigmas that they attempt to attach to us like "menace to societies" are often just victims of circumstances, products of the environments they are born into. The flip-side to that is even if you make your way out of that part of it, you're still liable to fall victim to the systems in place that is designed to keep us, black men, down. Police brutality, systemic racism, child support, and overall just the unleveled playing field that we are on.

How do songs like "Darklight" capture who you are as an artist? Do you feel this song is a good representation of the kind of music and concepts you create?

It speaks to my level of creativity and my ability to be relatable. Most importantly, it shows that I stand for something, so that means I won't just fall for anything. 'DarkLight' is just one side of me. In my opinion, we as people are made up of multiple sides, and that's what my album 'Perception' is about. 'DarkLight' does represent me well, but it's just a small piece of what I'm actually capable of creatively and conceptually. Listening to my music shows how multifaceted I am. I have to admit, though, my content sometimes goes over a lot of people's heads. But I like it that way sometimes. I love to challenge my listeners that way. I get to see who is really in sync with me.

What's next for you?

I had my first concert in January, and the turnout was really great. The reception that I got back from my fans was very beautiful, which inspired a tour. So I have that in the works. I'm certain that there will be new music coming from Bankwitdadank this year as well. That's my brother and co-owner of BankNdSpady Entertainment. Ramadan is approaching us soon, so I'll be investing in my religious affairs during that time and completely stepping away from everything else. Before I decided to give this music thing a serious push, I made a promise to myself not to lose who I am at my core. A Muslim. That's something that I plan to stand on no matter what comes my way.


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