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Mechanical Radiates a Bright Light On the Scene With the Raucous, "Fluorescent Black"

Mechanical is a two-man dynamic band reigning from Croatia. In an energetic attempt to portray higher states of consciousness, Mechanical drips in the essence of alternative, psychedelic, and progressive rock combined with philosophy.

“Fluorescent Black,” is their debut and title track single off of the forthcoming album that this edge inspired band is currently recording. Mechanical has entered the industry as the highest-ranked newfangled band with the release of this single on the international indie list. In just two weeks, “Fluorescent Black,” ranked from 26th to 1st place on the chart and you’re about to hear why.

An enticing display of invigorating tones is unraveled within the depths of “Fluorescent Black.” Roaring elements of rhythm mesh with the pulsating roll out of Earth-shattering drums that shake our speakers in the larger than life, seamless, the rumble of the instrumentation. The mind-altering vocalization demonstrated within the intoxicating verses and chorus, allow you to search internally for the angst you wish to release.

The hard-hitting lyrics written and vocalized by the band’s founder, Kreso, describe the ability in humans to experience higher states of consciousness, the control we have over ourselves, and the experiences of being in such states. It’s hard to believe that the electric vibes radiating from Mechanical are provided by only two individuals.

As Mechanical so ingeniously puts it, ‘Fluorescent,’ denotes higher states of consciousness while ‘Black,’ signifies our usual, low state of consciousness, in a fight to balance the highs with the lows.

With a superior approach to their newfound glory, Mechanical reigns in a prevailing liveliness that tugs away at us like a sharp-edged rope. Seeping into the core of our inner restlessness, we feel weighty emotions as we become entranced upon each heavy tone performed in thunderous sovereignty.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mechanical! Congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Fluorescent Black.” With this track being the title track and first single off of your forthcoming album, what made you decide to choose this record first?

The song Fluorescent Black went out first because it represents the album, the name of the album, and the meaning behind it. Fluorescent Black lyrics describe our ability to experience higher states of consciousness, the control we have over ourselves, and the experiences of such states. It also describes the moments when we return to a normal state of consciousness and our longing to return to a higher state of consciousness ... so, we could say that “Fluorescent” denotes higher states of consciousness while “Black” denotes our usual, low state of consciousness.

What does the creative process look like with only two of you bringing these creations to life?

For me, the creative process is that one moment that comes to you, and everything just falls in the right place. It's mostly a moment when I'm completely alone in my room and the riffs just settle themselves into a song. For some time, my mind is completely focused on the riffs and the song, and if I feel that it's good, after a few days of listening and studying it, Trak, the drummer, and I meet up to jam in my homemade studio which we always record. When we come to a point where we feel that we successfully poured our vision into the sound, we begin to play with vocals that strongly represent the lyrics.

Is this track an example of what you have in store for us with the remainder of the album?

Our upcoming album will be in the mood of our first single, Fluorescent Black, but we will also bring diversity into it. We want to stay in that raw and energetic feeling with massive drum sound but also put some psychedelic trips with delays on the guitar and emotional vocals. And with all that, we’ll try to capture the moments that represent our higher states of mind and the title of the album “Fluorescent Black (The inability to convey impressions of the living world through the tongue of the dead)”

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

We would like listeners to grasp the energy from the music but also the philosophy that is behind the lyrics and art of the band.

Mechanical is all about the psychology, philosophy, and music that has taken shape in this band as a raw and energetic rock. With its alternative, psychedelic, and progressive sound, combined with a philosophy inspired by Russian philosopher and writer P. D. Ouspensky, the band attempts to portray rare high and common (frequent) low states of consciousness and awareness in individuals.

In short, the philosophy behind the band is about a man as a machine who is in itself just an automaton with a certain stock of memories of past experiences and a certain amount of reserved energy, and those thoughts lead us to only one conclusion, and that is, that we are almost completely Mechanical.

What goals do you have with your music going into the new year?

Our goal is to publish a new song every other month and then release an album.

Since 2020 has been weird in so many aspects, we are craving to perform, so that would be our main goal… just to play in front of the people and feel that energy.



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