Meet Heart Youth: The Gospel Band Looking To Motivate and Inspire Through Their Music

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

When you think of Gospel music I’m sure you’re prone to think of powerful vocals, emotional unisons, and soul-cleansing vibes. However, Heart Youth, a team formed from their local church incorporated all your cliche ideas of Gospel music, and transformed it into something much diverse yet appreciated! Their single “Where Would I Be” was something refreshing to hear. They took a contemporary pop sound you hear on radio nowadays and blended it with their boy band sound, religiously powerful lyricism and dynamic conveying of emotion. “I’m not afraid, you’re here with me, through everything.” “You never leave, you never change” “Where would I be without you, you’re leading the way I can’t live without you” are just a few of my favorite lyrics from this single. What’s so catchy about it is the multi-faceted quality it’s equipped with. Don’t forget to listen to Heart Youth, they will leave you with motivated and fulfilled, while their music consists of hope filled lyrics and choruses that will have you singing along!

Listen to "Where Would I Be" and get to know Heart Youth with our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview!

Mind introducing Heart Youth to our readers?

Hey, Heart Youth is the music produced by the young people at Heart Church in Nottingham, England. We're passionate about sharing songs of hope with people. 

How did the idea of forming a youth musical ensemble came about?

We never really set out to make an ensemble - music is a big part of what we do at our Church (Heart Church) on a Sunday and it felt natural to write songs together as young people and we liked what we came up with, so did the people we shared it with...and we hope that you will too.

What’s so impacting about Gospel Music that no other genre can compete with?

As we see it, gospel music as a genre uniquely is built around a message rather than a particular sound or musical scale.(e.g. you can have Gospel Rap or Gospel Soul or a Gospel Choir that would perform an eclectic selection of songs). This means that how the music sounds can differ so much from song to song within the genre. We love that because it means that there's so much scope for musical creativity and we can get inspiration from multiple sources.

What message do you want to get across through your music?

We aim to write lyrics that fill people with hope and let people know that because of Jesus you're past doesn't have to define your future. Maybe a message that says "no matter how old you feel in years...your Heart can still have that Youthful sense of hope and joy".

I believe you guys can go really far with this route of music and reach a large audience, what is your main goal and dream with Heart Youth?

Thank you so much! The dream would be to able to keep writing songs that more and more people listen to and find that special feeling that says "I can do this...".

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