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Meet the Artist Obscuring Rap and Hip-Hop Boundaries: JASHAR

Proudly representing Detroit MI, JASHAR has been making waves and industry connections throughout the 313. JASHAR has had his music played on radio stations nationwide and internationally. His original sound deviates from the norm, infusing stylings of Rap and Hip Hop, his music is catching the ears of listeners worldwide, racking up thousands of streams through Spotify and Apple music. His experience producing and songwriting abilities have enabled him to work with top talents from Detroit, attracting the eyes of sponsors such as RudeBoy magazine, MyHuukah, and Ancient World Gemstone jewelry.

JASHAR has made a point to collaborate with other artists, engineers continuously, and producers to consistently further is sound. His sincere commitment to the music community has given JASHAR a sense of peace and authority in his artistic creations. His success has garnered JASHAR critical praise. In addition to performing at some of Michigan’s top venues, JASHAR toured alongside Def Jam and Platinum recording artist M City JR in 2017. This independent artist is undoubtedly one to watch in 2020. We can’t wait to hear what JASHAR gives us next.

Listen to “Bait” here.


Hey there, JASHAR! Welcome, and congratulations on releasing your single "Bait!" How do you feel about the response you received back from this track?

Thank you! Its always cool catching up with you guys. The response on Bait has been really dope! I've got more people now than ever supporting my music and really it's the best.

Hailing from Detriot, how do you feel the current music scene there is aiding in progressing your overall sound?

I like the sound this coming out of Detroit for the most part but I wouldn't say it's helping to progress my sound. My music is still very different from the Detroit scene.

As an artist who prides himself with mixing certain genre styles to create the one you currently possess, how would you describe the influence you received in order to put a huge emphasis on divergence from the "norm"?

Well I would say I just strive to sound different so I like to combine different genres that normally wouldn't sit together and create something that fits what I'm comfortable with and that's just with production. When it comes to vocals I like to put my spin on how I think certain flows should sound or how to make them sound better.

Where do you see the ultimate sound of your music extending to from here on out? Do you feel that you've found the exact sound you've been striving for, or do you believe you'll consistently work on the level of your sound?

I'm working on a pop project with another artist actually so I see that being half of the future of my sound and the other half I believe that it's gonna just keep evolving. I feel like I'm in a good place to where I can make great music now but I don't wanna keep creating the same thing over and over so I plan to keep switching up my style to keep em on they toes lol.


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