Meet the Band Taking on Progressive Notes of Sound: Nuclear Club

Nuclear Club is a five-piece ensemble from Glasgow, Scotland, deeply entrenched in the country's alternative music community. Nuclear Club is comprised of lead singer David Curran, guitarist Ross Fraser, drummer Marc Hill, bassist Mark Marshall, and Adam Streets doing double duty on guitar and keys. Centering their sound in Glasgow has allowed the group to hone in on its progressive, inclusive, and often reasonably experimental music scene that the group feels most comfortable in generating.

Nuclear Club boldly takes risks in their lyrical content and stage presence to avoid being branded as your ordinary alternative rock group. The group's inclusivity embedded within their songs' messages tells stories from life anyone can relate to. Knowing that the content they create stays true to their comfort level, the band demonstrates a confident display of art. Continuing to broaden their level of sound, the group continually experiments with new instruments widening their weird and wonderful soundscape.

Discover Nuclear Clubs' latest album 'Culturecope' here.