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Meet The Dynamic Duo, Mouth Noise And Their New Single, "Baby You're Mine"

Mouth Noise is a duo that consists of brothers Wes Luna and Daniel Luna, based out of Los Angeles and Denver. The music started off as a side project for Wes during quarantine, in which he played all the instruments while brother Daniel added his vocals.

Despite their distance, the pair were still able to collaborate and combine their ideas to create their brand new single, "Baby You're Mine." The excitement continues with their upcoming self-titled album which will consist of 7 songs, due out this summer. "Baby You're Mine" sees Wes and Daniel's hard work and collaboration pay off with the help of producer Jamie Hillyar and mastered by Jack Endino.

"Baby You're Mine" delivers an 80's classic sound and a karaoke vibe, while simultaneously delivering an electrifying production. As brothers, the pair holds each other up throughout the production, like the great duo they are, and complement each other's style while shining their own light without dimming the others.

The charming vocals serenade the song's protagonist, as the lyrics melodically convey their emotions while they are together, describing their time spent together as, "sunny all the time." There is an overall feeling of peace and joy while the chorus sings "Baby You're Mine," radiated through gentle and loving vocals. The song's soundscape dazzles with velvety and radiant guitar notes that keep the listener blissfully swaying along with the piece.

Daniel Luna does an impeccable job matching the disposition of Wes Luna's production demonstrated by his lively flows and melodies, and the upgraded vintage style heard on "Baby You're Mine" keeps us wanting more from the dynamic duo, Mouth Noise.

Enjoy the passionate and soothing sonics of Mouth Noise and their breakout single "Baby You're Mine," and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming 7-track album, dropping in Summer 2022.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mouth Noise, and congratulations on your new single, "Baby You're mine." When was the moment you knew this duo would be a great idea, and could you explain a bit more about that moment for us?

My brother and I have always been the musical ones in our family. I had the idea of having my brother on vocals on one of my songs, and once he recorded them, I knew we had to use his vocals for the whole record.

Was "Baby You're Mine" the first record you've done together, or were there other ideas you filtered through to get to this point?

This has been an idea we've had for a while. It was just a matter of the timing, being we both live in different states.

The talent showcased in this duo is one to take note of. Have you always been creating and sharpening your skills over the years, and what do you do to keep in that creative space?

Yes, we both are always doing something that involves music. I have another band in Denver called Wiff, and Daniel has his own projects in Los Angeles.

How did working on "Baby You're Mine" in different spaces affect your creative process, and what are some of the challenges you've faced while working separately?

It was challenging not being in the same room to work on music. However, it was fun to send each other pieces of the song up until its finished product. We would also call each other on the phone and explain what ideas each other had.

What's next for you?

We plan on having a release show in Denver & Los Angeles. On top of that, we are hoping to work on a second record.

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