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Meet The Misunderstood Genius: MG The Realest

Jamaican native currently residing in Toronto Canada, MG The Realest is chasing his musical dreams! The rapper released his single titled “Heard” and delivered us bars with a melodic approach and eclectic delivery! MG The Realest unique accent resonates through his vocal tone and it’s a unique factor about his artistry. The hook has this trendy torpid and cancerous projection that reminds me a lot like the hooks you hear in artists like J.cole's work. MG The Realest is an skilled lyricist who doesn’t just rap. He gives us substantial content, alongside, outgoing punchlines and a nomadic vibes. “Heard" is chill, and laid-back giving it a lo-fi Hip Hop vibe, that doesn’t shy away from the spotlight but moves away from the dramatic, aggressive, and hard-hitting bass and beats you hear clustering up the radio stations. Many artists nowadays have this idea that they will only translate well with the current generation of Hip Hop if they project a certain image of themselves that may not be all the way true. However, MG The Realest and his single titled “Heard” is a fresh reminder completely okay to be simplistic and authentic! We're excited what MG The Realest is bringing to the table, and we want you to hear for yourself!

Listen to MG The Realest new hit "Heard" on Spotify!

MG The Realest, it's great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career as a musician!

Well firstly, thank you for the opportunity to be on your platform. And to get right into it, I was born and raised in Jamaica and moved to Toronto when I was 18. Two years after moving there I met some guys and we all had an interest in music. Initially it was just listening but then, as all young kids do, we tried our hand at making it. Our first songs looking back were not the greatest to say the least, but we got positive feedback and that essentially fueled the fire to what became KANM Crew, which is our musical collective. Overtime life got in the way of group aspirations but I was still passionate so i kept going on my own. My rap name is MG the realest. The "MG" stands for Misunderstood Genius because I do feel like I am that. I'm still in the beginning stages of my career. I really don't know how to really begin outside of making the music. The getting my music out there to a visible audience is my biggest hindrance right now.

What inspired you to begin rapping?

Like I said, we were all passionate about music and we all decided to give it a go. It's everyone's dream to be able to create and have people love and admire that creation I think, Or maybe that's unique to a specific subset of people that were really made for this music thing. I don't know but I just know that when I hear an instrumental, my mind goes into a trance and I have to write and record. There's something therapeutic and amazing about having a thought, extending that thought, making it rhyme, and also flow over an instrumental.  The act of making words rhyme is my inspiration if that makes sense.

Love the new single "Heard". Can you tell us a little bit about the creation process of the song?

Yeah. So Heard is essentially a song about my aspirations to make it in the music business and how, in my mind, when I make it I won't change who I am even though my circumstances have changed. Secondly its about my belief that i have the talent, intellect and perseverance to make it in the first place. It's also about being skeptical of the people that weren't really supportive but when you make it, they all want to come around. So like I said, I had all these thoughts and I heard the instrumental, which is from one of my favorite Toronto producers "6ixsounds" and the words just poured out. I had the thoughts and I made it rhyme and created a song that I personally think is very good.

What inspired you to write the song? What is the meaning of "Heard" to you?

For me, the instrumental is the inspiration, because the melody, snare drums etc pull the ideas out of me. I never write before hearing an instrumental because the instrumental is the most integral part for me when making the song. It sets the tone and molds my thoughts for the final product, which in all honesty is usually a surprise. It's almost as though, something takes over and then I wake up and the song is done.

What's the Toronto music scene like? Are you performing live?

Since the success of Drake and the Weeknd, followed by all the other major artists like Nav, Roy Woods, Party Next Door etc. Toronto has set itself up as a premier musical hub and I think it's fantastic. The sound of the city however, outside of the well known people isn't necessarily for me though. People like pressa and others, don't really do it for me musically but with that being said I'm glad they give the city shine and for that i'm grateful for them. In regards to me personally, Whats under underground? Because that would be me! I haven't done any shows but i'm definitely open to it, if the opportunity arose.

What's next for you through 2019?

My plan for 2019 is to try and up my visibility. I have the music and I know my sound is something people would gravitate towards. I just need to be seen and heard and that's why for 2019 my motive is definitely to go hard with putting myself out there because it would be a shame to keep the best unheard rapper under wraps forever.


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