Meet the Otherworldly Rockers: 6 Speed Supernova Is Taking Their Listeners to New Heights

6 Speed Supernova is taking us to new heights, just as we heard on their latest release, “Boom.” This Northern California band of four brings a diverse array of talent and experience. Guitarist David Ballon hails from a two-decade career in the music industry playing with numerous acts, including LA’s gypsy-rock group Madame Hooligan. Frontwoman Marie Gutierrez has fronted both cover and original local Northern California bands over the last decade. Joan Torres, originally from Puerto Rico, is an experienced bassist/composer at the forefront of progressive jazz. And finally, drummer Brittany Patterson who studied Jazz at San Francisco State University has played with several local jazz and punk bands over the last few years.

Great minds really do think alike, and these four together are creating music that captures intricate melodies and sophisticated instrumentation. Their combined creative process involves one where they follow their hearts, letting their intuition take the wheel when they feel something instantly towards a particular sound. They sit and play with it until they’ve landed on the right variation of sound to complete a project. Its clear their combined years of experience and talent are a driving force for this ensemble.

Dive into 6 Speed Supernova’s sound today and stream “Boom” here.