Meet the Woman Standing Tall Léna Kipe

Letting the creative landscape guide her, Léna Kipe is officially based in Los Angeles, California, but can be found wandering the streets of Montreal, Paris, Conakry, or wherever her finely tuned sound and intuition carry her. Following her true passion in life, Léna departed a career in the demanding corporate world and headed straight for the studio. Her workhorse attitude followed, and Léna carved her way into the music industry.

Her creative flow incorporates honest and exposed lyrics while writing and performing all of her original R&B infused soundscapes. Léna concentrated on letting down her guard to thoroughly create a reflective space to cultivate meaningful and candid creations. Her passion for R&B music has been influenced throughout the years by powerhouse performers including, Prince, D'Angelo, and Erykah Badu, to name a few. Léna's passion for honing in on variations of sound to incorporate multiple elements into her music is demonstrated in her latest release "Yours." We found ourselves experiencing sheer joy when we discovered Léna Kipe's music, and are thoroughly impressed by her drive and ambition in creating a touchstone sound.

Discover "Yours" here.