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Megan Vice & Valiant Vermin Battle Objectification In “Never Gonna Get With Me”

Coming in hot with a blend of glam and grit in the pop scene is singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Megan Vice, teaming up with Valiant Vermin for their powerful yet playful new single, "Never Gonna Get With Me."

Megan Vice was built for stardom. With a wide array of songs spanning genres, including disco, funk, glam rock, 90s R&B, and 2000s future pop, she's gone on to be featured in major TV series, commercials, and evening writing songs for RuPaul's Drag Race. The LA-based artist is making more waves than ever, and her latest hit is about to send a tsunami.

Teaming up with Philippines-born artist Valiant Vermin, known for her bedroom pop tunes infused with electronic synths, the two artists powerfully take the stage with their new single "Never Gonna Get With Me." While it might seem like a playful, tongue-in-cheek song at first listen, it runs much deeper than you think, but that's precisely what we've expected from Ms. Vice.

"Never Gonna Get With Me" kicks off with sweet unison vocals between Vice and Vermin, while Vice opens the first verse with her sugary stylings that sprinkle equal hints of sass and realness. Listening to her lyrics, she dives into the challenges and objectification faced by women in the music industry, particularly the experience of being viewed as sexual objects by their male counterparts.

Valiant Vermin's radiant verse blesses the listener with a similar uplifting feel. At the same time, she touches on the weirdos and creeps, perhaps even in the music industry, and the experience of being offered opportunities with hidden 'expectations.' But, both ladies are standing their ground, sharing an anthem of integrity to gather women in music and encourage them to fight against objectification.

We can always trust Megan Vice when it comes to repeat-worthy, thought-provoking tunes. Catch her new single alongside Valiant Vermin, "Never Gonna Get With Me," on all digital streaming platforms.


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