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Melaku Releases Invigorating Melodic Album “Dream World”

Melaku released his album titled “Dream World” and this project was beautiful and harmonically rich. The album begins with the song “Heaven Gate” and “Burning Flame.” Both of these songs served as great openers and as an introduction to the album due to the polished vocals and complex instrumentation. You can tell the songwriting approach behind both of these songs are filled with passion and represented an authentic state of emotions from Melaku. However, it wasn’t long for “I’m In Pieces” to really make us fall in love with the entire album as a whole. “I’m In Pieces” was a beautiful masterpiece. The hook was so addictive. We found ourselves replaying the hook over, and over in our heads after listening. The next single that transitioned on "Dream World" was “I Miss You." "I Miss You" is highly emotional. You got a strong glimpse of the passion Melaku has as an artist through the sentimental songwriting that was conveyed in "I Miss You." The refined melody in “I Miss You” was attention-grabbing, keeping you reeled in with the song and serenading us with each polished note.

All Over Again” showed significant diversity in comparison to the previous songs on "Dream World". Of course, it kept the vulnerable conviction of emotions as the focus, but the arrangement was more rhythmic as opposed to the songs prior. This was a thrilling song that we were able to induce into our memories as a timeless classic on the album. “Good Love” kept the theme of “Dream World” in-tact. This love song took a different approach instead of a one-dimensional sad ballad. Instead, Melaku gives you an acoustic rhythm that creates a vibrant country aesthetic for the song. The next track that transitions in was “Dreamin”. "Dreamin" took us back into that place of sentimentality. After having a joyful escape, Melaku brings us into a transcending elevation of emotions with “Dreamin’ to match the title of the song. It was coordinated perfectly at the most fitting spot on the album, giving Melaku an edge on his strategic arrangement.

"Dream World" closes off with the song “Ascension”. "Ascension" was a beautiful ending to the album that was equipped with intoxicating melodies and chords. It felt like the ultimate ending to a beautiful notable journey that you embarked on. All in all, “Dream World” by Melaku was a tender album that combined lush harmonies and moving lyrics to create the ultimate collection of introspective delight. With riveting bursts of guitar and quality vocal delivery, this album has impressed us to the full capacity.

Listen to “Dream World” by Melaku here.



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