Melbourne Rapper Releases His New Single “Friends & Foes”

Starting from humble beginnings Fijian born, Melbourne-based rapper Zeal Static is coming up quickly from the underground to make his name in the current music sphere! After migrating to Australia, Zeal was immediately introduced to a completely new culture, it wasn’t long until he was familiarized with the likes of legendary rappers such as Ice Cube, 2Pac and Naughty By Nature. It was clear that the path was then paved for Zeal, it was only natural that he became a rapper, using his musical influences as inspiration and incorporating it all into his own brand.

The release of his recent single “Friends & Foes” displays his infectious raw lyricism with lyrical substance personable to him as an artist and as a person. I relished the fact that Zeal discussed real life situations he’s experienced in life. He didn’t rap about non substantial things or degrade women like how some rappers do in this current generation. Rather than being basic and sticking to surface rap, he projected his personal message on how he lost certain people in life that he thought he wouldn’t lose. People can genuinely relate to the lyricism of “Friends & Foes” because mostly everyone has lost someone we thought would never escape our personal lives. He delivers his uncut lyricism with a melodic hook, catchy and witty, adding a stylistic mainstream appeal to the single. Zeal also dropped a video to go alongside “Friends & Foes” and the visuals were nice to view. He was able to show off his veritable and bonafide authenticity in a more in-depth context.

Listen to “Friends & Foes” here and get to know Zeal Static in our interview below!

Hi Zeal, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi, Iam a rap/hip hop artist originally from Fiji but I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia and have been making music for a little over 7 years and just recently have released my first EP album “Meet The Rebel”, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms.

What’s your favorite characteristic about Hip-Hop music and why?

Being a HipHop fan, initially I was introduced to the emceeing element of HipHop, the rapping, free styling and battling, which is something I started to delve into once I got to know the requirements or skill set. Emceeing is a fascinating skill and just hearing my favourite artists put rhymes and words together it just blew my mind.

Do you have any personal favorite singles from any of your influences? If so which and why?

I draw my influences from Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Ice Cube and Tupac and some of my favourite singles from them are

Big Daddy Kane - Aint No Half Steppin

Rakim - R.A.K.I.M

Ice Cube - Dopeman

Tupac - Holler If Ya Hear Me

Out of the four artists, Tupac has influenced me in a major way, from his lyrics to his experiences which at times i relate to and draw comparisons to my own life.  Holler If Ya Hear Me, is based on reality and talks about what really goes on between black people and the police and some of the injustices, brutality and murders done by the police, but not only that the beat, flow and lyricism of Tupac is pure greatness.

How challenging is it for you to open up in your music and allow your listeners to connect with you?

When i write or compose a song, depending on the beat and the vibe, i always write from my own experiences and others, so its easy for me to open up and let the listener connect, vibe and relate to the song, either the song be personal, about a party, girls or just politics.

What’s your artist take on your single “Friends & Foes” ?

In an ever changing world, a persons principles, values and status changes and so does the people around them, "Friends & Foes”, is a reflection of that change, where once people we used to laugh with and do business become bitter enemies. In this world a person has to rely on their own self and pursue their goals while watching out for the haters, the back biters and enemies. There are many references in the song about my own experiences, dealing with fake friends and out right critics.

How do you hope people perceive “Friends & Foes”?

I am pretty sure a lot of listeners can relate to the story i am telling in "Friends & Foes", as we all have been wronged by a close homie or friend. The song reveals some of my own experiences with certain people i used to associate with but due to a change in their heart, i have distanced myself from them and focus on achieving my goals.

Any exciting plans for the 2019 year?

Yes, definitely I am working on a couple new singles, music video and also looking to network and collaborate with other artists.

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