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Melodic Canvas Leaves Us in a Haze With, "Invasive Species"

Emerging from the deep woods of Northern Michigan, the alternative/shoegaze artist and singer-songwriter Melodic Canvas releases a hazy and wavy single entitled "Invasive Species."

An experimentalist at heart, Melodic Canvas (Evan Alderton) prides himself on his artistic versatility that blurs the lines between alternative rock, shoegaze, and hints of folk. Listeners should expect heavy reverb, natural room acoustics, and incredibly atmospheric soundscapes that haunt their audience from beginning to end.

Pouring a hazy sonic landscape over our ears with his latest haunting single, "Invasive Species," Melodic Canvas melts our speakers with his lush guitar melodies and grunge undertones that remind us of an early Nirvana. Not to mention his instrumental dexterity, Melodic Canvas truly leaves us wowed and in wonder with this hit.

Listening to "Invasive Species," the track begins with a soothing acoustic guitar alongside a hazy synth and lush electric guitar strums. As Melodic Canvas' low-toned and hazy vocals make their appearance, he instantly leaves us in a daydream with his hauntingly reverbed vocals and incredible vocal layering that sets the song's reflective and grungy tone.

As we make our way to the hook, Melodic Canvas continues to chant that he doesn't mind how someone takes their time to invade his personal space. We adore the song's dreamy and chilling feel, as it leaves us basking in the artistic glory that Melodic Canvas has to offer. As the haunting single makes its way to the outro, Melodic Canvas closes the track with nothing but introspection and deepened emotion.

Feel your heart skip a beat with help from Melodic Canvas' latest darkly-lit single, "Invasive Species," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Melodic Canvas. We're truly enamored with the overall haunting and mysterious vibe of your latest single, "Invasive Species." What inspired your lyrical content within this track?

I wrote this song about the people that many people have in their lives and deal with on a day-to-day basis. The people who are very close or dear to us, but can also be bad for our mental health. Toxic or Manipulative people. Even the people we love the most can be hurtful or harmful to us. Sometimes we find ourselves not minding what these people tell us even if that is tearing us down or belittling us. Hence the chorus of the song.

Did you create the entire instrumentals for your single, "Invasive Species?" How did you begin your instrumental arrangements when navigating the vibe and atmosphere for the song?

I had actually had this song written for years. I wrote it around fall 2017. For a while, I just had the acoustic chords and melody writing. When I went into the studio, I started to experiment and didn’t really know what the song would become. I am happy with the results and I think the theme of the song called for a dreamy, floaty but also dark soundscape. Almost like a long-lost grunge ballad that wasn’t discovered until 2021.

Did you work with any producers when finalizing "Invasive Species?" What were your final moments with the track? Did you have to rework anything that didn't feel or sound right?

I actually produced the track myself, but I had some tips from my sound engineer, Ryan when it came to the overall vibe of the track. At first, I wanted it to definitely have a dream-like quality but towards the end of production, we decided that it would be a good idea to raise the volume of the harmonies to give it a fuller sound. Which I think sounds way better than what it was previously.

Could you enlighten our readers on what you aim to represent and stand for as an artist? What should we associate your musical brand with?

A lot of people tend to associate Melodic Canvas with nostalgia. Especially from the ’90s. Though our music is derivative from that era, I think it’s important to realize that the themes of the songs are very much in touch with the overall human experience. Our themes range from dark, raw, and even horrific feelings but also delicate and uplifting feelings that culminate in hope. I want Melodic Canvas to be able to withstand the test of time and the themes of the songs to apply 20, 30, 50 years from now and beyond. Universally applicable themes that can apply to you no matter who you are, where you come from, and whatever timeframe you’re in. If the overall vibe of the song touches you in an impactful way, that’s what I want the goal of our music to be.

Do you have any future releases lined up for this year?

Yes. We have a brand new, full-length record coming out on September 17th called, “Sterile”. As previously stated, we do everything from super intense grunge tracks to soft, dreamy acoustic tracks. We are super stoked for people to finally hear what we’ve been working on for over two years and can’t wait to know what people think of it.

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