Melotika Gives Us A Dose Of "Bittersweet Reality" With New Single

Indie/Pop artist based out of Toronto, Canada, Melotika premiered her newest single "Bittersweet Reality" and it’s a vibrant and unique bop! We were thoroughly impressed with her star potential and passion displayed in the song. The music video is really fun, out of the box, and amusing! The artist is having lots of fun transitioning from multiple activities which includes taking selfies, to singing to her brush, to blowing bubbles and just basically doing what all girls like to do and that’s have fun! The title of the song and the creative visuals demonstrated to us all connects with each other perfectly. What I took from this song and this video is that no matter how tough things get, you just got to go with the flow of things because it won’t change the outcome regardless. It’s “Bittersweet Reality” but Melotika is using this as her way to have fun and show us that you can in fact turn lemons into lemonade! It’s a fun song with a preppy pop beat but it’s also sure to make you dance! Melotika has probably one of the most unorthodox and atypical voices I’ve ever heard and it makes her artistry and brand really intricate, unique and dope!

Growing up, Melotika had a diverse taste in music that ranged from Rock to Hip-Hop. Not only was music a passion of hers, Melotika also had interests in other artistic pursuits such as costume designing, photography and painting and you can tell that Melotika incorporated those fascinations in her own creative display of ‘Bittersweet Reality’ A rising icon with various of different talents, we can tell that this promising artist has a lot going for her in the future.

Check out the premiere of her video "Bittersweet Reality" and get a taste for yourself!

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