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Melt Away With Craymo's Loving Expressions in, "Love You More"

Craymo is your eccentric take on modern-day Indie music. As an award-winning artist, he travels into many disparate elements of various genres and works to craft a sound that collides many worlds together. It is safe to say that the music of Craymo is one for the books.

One of Craymo's latest releases that have been featured on BuzzMusic consists of his single, "Love You More". The vital affection that gets communicated through the song is beautiful in itself, and "Love You More" focuses on many inspiring sonic components.

Once we caught up with Craymo, he elaborated that "Love You More" was written via the inspiration of his 20-year long marriage. His EP, "Love Power," followed this same concept of pure love, and captured many heartwarming elements of Craymo's mind.

All in all, Craymo is all about expressing the best aspects of love, and he does so from the depths of his heart, instilling a warm embrace in many listening ears. Craymo, we're already preparing for the goosebumps your next song will give.

Catch the full Craymo BuzzMusic article, here.


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