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Merezz Flexes On The Competition With The Release Of, “Busy”

Egyptian-born artist, Merezz, grew up between the highly influential cities of Toronto, Canada, and London, UK. He first began rapping at a young age, where he would find himself heavily involved in the underground rap scene. Inspired by the music of various artists from Atlanta and Toronto, Merezz prides himself in creating his sounds through his genuine and diverse styles.

Keeping his grind in high gear, Merezz feeds the hunger of his fanbase by releasing his latest hit, “Busy.” A definite vibe, “Busy,” shines the spotlight on Merezz’s illustrious flow and superior lyrical capabilities. The song carries itself with a new age sound that obliges you to bob your head and apply a mean mug to your facial features. The talented rapper keeps the audience on their toes with numerous flow switch-ups and relentless wordplay.

A bass-heavy track, “Busy,” generates window-shaking vibrations that are felt deep within your core. Merezz’s cadence performs beautifully with the tempo and key of the instrumental. His smooth voice rides the beat like water in a creek. His audience is in for an easy listen when they turn on “Busy,” and the song’s relatively short length gives it a massively high replay value. Whether played in the club, in the car, or at a party, “Busy” is sure to bring life to the environment and create a chaotically vibrant ambiance.

Uplifted by his shameless swagger and his melodically inspired rapping style, Merezz displays every characteristic of a star in the making. Considering his recent features on tracks with the likes of Yung Tory, Lil Gotit, and Nessly, we foresee nothing but success down the pipeline when it comes to Merezz’s career.

Can you give us an insight into what the song means to you?

I recorded this track over a year ago. I just planned to release it after I dropped Signs with Nessly earlier this year. I realized I don’t have that many songs myself, so I just took it to light.

What was it like moving continents? What influence can you take from living in such vastly different locations?

I feel like London and Toronto are both serious about the music culture, and both are unique in the sounds they put out. I try to get inspired by the diversity of the sounds from both cities and make my sound.

How was it being in the studio and working with the likes of Yung Tory and Lil Gotit?

Me and Gotit never actually met. I just sent over the beat with the verse, and he sent back the song with the hook. I plan to release that one in early 2022. I worked with Yung Tory on more than one record but only planning to release one at the moment. Tory is one of the most creative people I met - he has this energy, always ready to make music.

What differences have you noticed between the underground scene and the mainstream scene? Does it change the way you work your craft?

This revolves around what you let inspire your music and where you place yourself in the industry - like who? and what? Just the logistics of how everything works, how seriously people take situations and opportunities, recognize something, and have a vision for it. Watching the progress and mistakes of many artists around me has helped me get a better understanding of how I want to work things out with my music.


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