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Mexican-American Hip Hop Artist M Dot Brando Releases “Un Trago Dos Tragos”

M Dot Brando (also known as Marlon Becerra) is a Mexican-American Latin and hip-hop artist based out of San Francisco, California. He recorded his first releases with T.X.P. (Triple X Playaz) and became the group’s breakout artist.

In 2009, M Dot Brando released his first collaborative effort, “Bama 2 Da Bay”, under the group titled The Beat Cellar. Since then, he has released “Pick Your Poison” in 2010 with San Francisco native King Reegz (Nasa), “On My Way” in 2011, “The A Side EP” in 2012, “Edit Man” and “Misunderstood” in 2013, “Latino Anthem” in 2015 and most recently his LP titled “El Movimiento”.

In addition to his music, M Dot Brando is involved with several philanthropic efforts, donating to relief for natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, the Philippines and the Mexican Red Cross to name a few.

“Un Trago Dos Tragos” is an incredibly danceable single offered by M Dot Brando. Immediately, it is clear that this artist’s production value is high, with an incredibly catchy beat capturing your attention instantly. The beat is well constructed, and the combination of sub-bass synths and confident vocals will definitely have you reaching for the volume on your stereo. The vocals themselves are delivered with punchy and rhythmic intensity and a certain charisma and swagger that everyone wishes they had.

The arrangement of this song is thoughtfully constructed, with the various percussive elements adding many layers of intensity staggered throughout. Each consecutive part is built on a hook that will end up becoming a guaranteed earworm.

This artist has an impressive flair for music, and we can safely say this tune will have you on the dance floor, even if that’s just your living room. M Dot Brando has also managed to capture a fitting nod to his Latin influences while simultaneously creating something modern and unique that anybody would enjoy.

We highly recommend you check out “Un Trago Dos Tragos” today and everything else this artist has to offer!

Listen to “Un Trago Dos Tragos” here and get to know more about M Dot Brando below.

Hey! Thanks for chatting with us. Would you mind starting by describing what your background was like and how you first started to get involved with music?

When I was around 12 or 13 [years old], my boy Martell "Marty Mcfly" was already working on an album, and he was the dopest rapper at school.  We attended summer school together, and he invited me to the studio where he was putting together an album.  Since we kicked it every day—and had freestyle sessions during lunch—it only made sense to start a group, and so we created "The Prolific Click."  That's essentially where I was introduced to creating music.  I continued making music throughout high school and would go to Joe's "Creative Music” [Record Store] in the Mission District in San Francisco, Ca.  At that point, I started tapping into the local rap scene listening to artists and San Francisco natives like 11/5, RBL, and GLP.  By the time I graduated high school, I had already been freestyling, writing poetry, and making mix tapes—actual cassette tapes.  And in 1999, my best friend Jay and I teamed up with my boy Kevin and joined his rap group “Triple X Playaz”, a group that released explicit music during that time.  Being in that group helped me grow as an artist, learn how to write verses, hooks, and perform in front of crowds.  After 8 years I went solo and put out my first single "Put It On My Life" (2009), which was featured on World Star Hip Hop, and hasn’t stopped working since.

What can you tell us about the music scene in San Francisco?

So many different musical styles in San Francisco!  When you take time out to listen to one of the many artists in San Francisco, you'll be amazed by the many different approaches and perspectives you'll hear along with the creativity of how artists express themselves.  Most people think West Coast and think Gangster Rap, but San Francisco is like a Pandora music playlist—you never know what you’re going to hear.  You might hear Conscious Rap, Politically-Charged Rap, Jazz-Centric Music, Mob Music, Soul, Reggae, Reggaeton, etc. 

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

I would say I was influenced by a couple of artists.  One of my biggest musical influences would be Ice Cube.  I love the way he is direct, and can paint a clear picture with his lyrics.  Another one of my biggest influences was a local artist named Hitman (RIP).  I loved his wordplay and studied his first album almost every day.   I also knocked GLP (Get Low Playaz) every day back then.  My other early-on favorites were Kurupt and Nas.  Nowadays I’m into a lot of Latin/Reggaeton/Hip-Hop/Trap artists like J. Balvin and Bad Bunny.

Can you tell us anything about your songwriting process? What inspires you to write, and how does it all come together?

My writing process has a formula for the most part. My best friend's mom (Evelyn [RIP]) gave me the best advice ever.  She said, “Try to make music that anyone can dance to”, so that's what I've been doing, and what I've stuck with during my solo career.  I like to write music that makes people want to move.  I'm inspired by the way music has become globalized, and artists from different parts of the world are putting out dope music.  That inspires me!  Additionally, my goal is to entertain my followers with the dopest product I can create.  And lastly—for me—creating the dopest product all comes together in the studio when: the booth is hot, the beat is playing, and you’re striving for perfection…  When you push yourself to your limits, and deep inside you know that you did your best work for that song!

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

As a Mexican-American artist—in the future—I hope to successfully crossover into the Latin/Global market, and to be embraced by people that enjoy feel-good music.  I plan to create more Spanish/English albums while building with folks, creating new opportunities for myself that could put me into a position where I can give back to the community to make a positive impact on the younger generation of up-and-coming artists.  I also hope to be an inspiration to my family, my city, my culture, and my followers.


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