Mexican-American Hip Hop Artist M Dot Brando Releases Impressive Single Called “Un Trago Dos Tragos”

M Dot Brando (also known as Marlon Becerra) is a Mexican-American Latin and hip hop artist based out of San Francisco, California. He recorded his first releases with T.X.P. (Triple X Playaz), and became the group’s breakout artist. In 2009, M Dot Brando released his first collaborative effort, “Bama 2 Da Bay”, under the group titled The Beat Cellar. Since then, he has released “Pick Your Poison” in 2010 with San Francisco native King Reegz (Nasa), “On My Way” in 2011, “The A Side EP” in 2012, “Edit Man” and “Misunderstood” in 2013, “Latino Anthem” in 2015 and most recently his LP titled “El Movimiento”. In addition to his music, M Dot Brando is involved with several philanthropic efforts, donating to relief for natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, Philippines and the Mexican Red Cross to name a few.

“Un Trago Dos Tragos” is an incredibly danceable single offered by M Dot Brando. Immediately, it is clear that this artist’s production value is high, with an incredibly catchy beat capturing your attention instantly. The beat is well constructed, and the combination of sub-bass synths and the confident vocals will definitely have you reaching for the volume on your stereo. The vocals themselves are delivered with punchy and rhythmic intensity, and a certain charisma and swagger that everyone wishes they had. The arrangement of this song is thoughtfully constructed, with the various percussive elements adding many layers of intensity staggered throughout. Each consecutive part is built on a hook that will end up becoming a guaranteed ear-worm. This artist has an impressive flair for music, and we can safely say this tune will have you on the dance floor, even if that’s just your living room. M Dot Brando has also managed to capture a fitting nod to his Latin influences while simultaneously creating something modern and unique that anybody would enjoy. We highly recommend you check out “Un Trago Dos Tragos” today and everything else this artist has to offer!

Listen to “Un Trago Dos Tragos” here and get to know more about M Dot Brando below!