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Meztli Zambrano Shows Us Her Vulnerable Side In A Debut EP, 'Naked'

Soaring in from Hollister, California, Latina singer-songwriter and adventurous recording artist Meztli Zambrano sinks her teeth in introspection with her debut and personal 4-track EP, Naked.

Meztli Zambrano launched her independent music career in May 2022 with the release of her debut single, "AYAYAY!." She's since proved herself a force to be reckoned with by exploring various genres, sounds, and styles while writing lyrics based on life experiences that any listener can relate to.

Meztli Zambrano's musical style knows no bounds, and she introduces us to her fiercely personal songwriting process and cinematic sounds in her breathtaking and emotional debut EP, Naked.

The introductory track, "With You," opens like a warm summer breeze with lush piano melodies and vibrant background synths that flutter in the distance. As Meztli Zambrano begins vocalizing intimate situations of needing someone's sweet presence, she lures us in with radiant vocal melodies and tender pop production that feels like a warm embrace. It's a refreshing ballad that perfectly kicks off the EP with a bang.

Onto the EP's second track, "Naked," things get a little more emotional. We sense this song represents an evolving relationship and shows your most vulnerable side to someone special. The soothing piano melodies and Meztli Zambrano's breathtaking vocals dance through the speakers in this sweet sonic lullaby while she wishes to experience real, true love. Towards the song's end, we get the feeling that there's trouble in paradise.

Reaching the EP's second half with track number three, "Remind Me (Interlude)," Meztli Zambrano breaks it down into this sharply personal and confessional ballad that sees her wishing to quit fighting and let someone go for the better. The chilling piano chords, alongside Meztli Zambrano's Taylor Swift-esque vocal harmonies, bring all the passion and emotion we could ask for while she wishes for clarity, ease, and relief.

Landing on a timeless tune and the album's outro track, "Yesterday," this song kicks off with chilling adult contemporary instrumentals that cross the sounds of Elton John and The Beatles. Meztli Zambrano's passionate vocals recall all the memories, good and bad, of "Yesterday" and the love that fell through the cracks. But Zambrano holds onto her crown, looks forward to better days, and says a personal goodbye to "Yesterday."

Loving the wrong person is never easy. Allow Meztli Zambrano to share her relatable experience in her passionate, chilling, and emotional debut EP, Naked, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Meztli Zambrano. Congratulations on releasing your stunning and emotional debut EP, Naked. When did you begin feeling inspired to create this personal project? What compelled you to do so?

The “Naked” EP began during the midst of a breakup. I was overwhelmed by a mix of emotions and felt lost. I took this time to write out all my emotions and turned them into what I love most - MUSIC. Writing music during this emotional time helped me grieve through the process. It was my form of therapy and coping. I wrote all the things I couldn’t say before and after it was over and created something beautiful, raw, and relatable.

Which song from Naked was the most challenging to create in terms of emotion and vulnerability? How did you overcome those personal obstacles?

Definitely track #2, "Naked!" I remember writing this track one late night, almost midnight, because I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning in my thoughts, feeling so conflicted and truly believing if this person just called me, we could make it. To just open up and be real with me - all walls down. To be naked with me with absolutely nothing to hide. I was conflicted because some of my felt silly that I was feeling that way after I had been hurt. It was the ugly and vulnerable truth I had to face about my emotions at that time. It was love.

How does Naked help listeners get to know you on a more personal level? Would you say this project is one of your most personal, emotional, and vulnerable releases to date?

I wanted my listeners to get to know me through this EP. I’ve always been such a hopeless romantic and an emotional person, but I typically hesitate to show that side of myself. The Naked EP is a diary of my heart during that chapter of my life. I had to expose myself to let listeners in. This EP is by far the most vulnerable art I’ve put out! I remember feeling so terrified when it was release week.

Did you have any artistic or musical influences in mind when creating Naked? What or who might have influenced this project?

I listened to influences like Frank Ocean, Steve Lacy, and Lykke Li during this time. I’d say that they influenced track 2 Naked. I wanted that particular track to feeling like a journey and experience for my listeners as it was when I was writing it. As for the other three tracks, I love harmonies, so I heavily used BGVs for those! When creating the other three tracks, I didn’t have a sound I was influenced by, and it’s just what I heard and felt to convey the emotion of the tracks.

What was your goal for the listener's experience with Naked? What story did you want to tell, and what did you want them to learn from it?

My goal for the Naked EP was to tell my story and get “naked” with myself. It was important for me to create something relatable; everyone can relate to heartbreak. I used my story with the intention that whoever listened could, in turn, be heard from the perspective of their own story. Ultimately I wanted listeners to know that this was temporary. This is the process and the ugly grieving side of heartbreak, but if you leave it all in the yesterday of what was, better days are coming ahead, and you’ll be okay.


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