Mi. Yayø's Own Devising, and Experience the Trip-Hop Serenade That "Painful Nights" Has to Offer

Born and raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Miami, Florida, Mi. Yayø found mental serenity through making Music. His passion was never one he ventured on profiting from; it was merely a form of meditation that brought the fleshy bits of this Rapper's experience-rich past to the surface. That was until those closest to Yayø realized how captivating his musicology was, and the kinds of melody he was making from the depth of his studio.

With motivation at it's highest, and a clique behind him to support the path his creative intuitions leads him on, this budding artist is on the trajectory upwards, having already released six single just this year. And as if he received the go-ahead from the energies that rule from above, his last Single to drop, "Painful Nights," lands graciously after a longwinded business entertainment complication from the past.

Life begins on the other side of despair. When Mi. Yayø writes his Music, he taps into the vulnerable parts of his core, manifests a Rapper aesthetic, and devises an in-depth story about the pain he's experienced living in the poverty-stricken streets if Miami—and finds healing by doing so. Here, the young budding artist distributes his verses like a 'from around the block' Emcee, before he renders a more elegist type flow for his captivating hook. He has a distinctive way of dancing over each syllable he produces, and as if to rectify his distraught emotions, he does it with a fervent cantor. It's a short, but sweet cut from the Miami-born wordsmith and singer, and most of the song's memoir lives for the hook.

With a Contemporary tinge from an acoustic guitar sample spilling over minor chords, he croons, "look me in my eyes, you see the pain, you don't know from where I came," as the trip-hop production supporting behind him dissolves into the nothingness, decompression as it leaves Mi. Yayø's Musical world.

What inspired you to start getting into Music in the first place? Was there an influential artist who sparked some creative flame in you early on?