Mi. Yayø's Own Devising, and Experience the Trip-Hop Serenade That "Painful Nights" Has to Offer

Born and raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Miami, Florida, Mi. Yayø found mental serenity through making Music. His passion was never one he ventured on profiting from; it was merely a form of meditation that brought the fleshy bits of this Rapper's experience-rich past to the surface. That was until those closest to Yayø realized how captivating his musicology was, and the kinds of melody he was making from the depth of his studio.

With motivation at it's highest, and a clique behind him to support the path his creative intuitions leads him on, this budding artist is on the trajectory upwards, having already released six single just this year. And as if he received the go-ahead from the energies that rule from above, his last Single to drop, "Painful Nights," lands graciously after a longwinded business entertainment complication from the past.

Life begins on the other side of despair. When Mi. Yayø writes his Music, he taps into the vulnerable parts of his core, manifests a Rapper aesthetic, and devises an in-depth story about the pain he's experienced living in the poverty-stricken streets if Miami—and finds healing by doing so. Here, the young budding artist distributes his verses like a 'from around the block' Emcee, before he renders a more elegist type flow for his captivating hook. He has a distinctive way of dancing over each syllable he produces, and as if to rectify his distraught emotions, he does it with a fervent cantor. It's a short, but sweet cut from the Miami-born wordsmith and singer, and most of the song's memoir lives for the hook.

With a Contemporary tinge from an acoustic guitar sample spilling over minor chords, he croons, "look me in my eyes, you see the pain, you don't know from where I came," as the trip-hop production supporting behind him dissolves into the nothingness, decompression as it leaves Mi. Yayø's Musical world.

What inspired you to start getting into Music in the first place? Was there an influential artist who sparked some creative flame in you early on?

What inspired me to get into music? A depression actually. I've always been musically inclined growing up and being around countless musicians, but it was the depression that kept me isolated with music eventually mixing Marijuana and instrumentals and letting the creativity flow. 

Can you describe the most challenging part about releasing songs that you have such a deep connection with and the vulnerability you might feel as a result?

The songs I have a deeper connection with are more sacred which comes with more planning due to the reach of the fans. Already with them loving what I release, I know they'll love my personal favorites. Because of this, I've stored some in the vault, but already released a few ( Painful Nights, Do Not Disturb, One of a kind) to the fans to give an insight on who I am as an artist and person. Basically, telling stories to let people know we all go through something.

Where do you see yourself going creatively in the next year? Do you have any plans on collaborating with other Artists or working with a Producer?

In the next year, I see myself as a representation of a label, business-minded! I have some ideas on who I do want to work with in the future, but that'll be for the energy to attract. On the other hand, I am very open to working with anyone, as long as it makes sense. And that's determined on a couple of things.

When can we expect to see a full-length album from you? And if it was in the works already, could you hint about what the narrative might be for the Record?

An Album? Well due to my rookie year in the music industry my focus was attacking different sounds to display my versatility. In doing so, the request for an album has been a consistent request from the fans. So for the fans, this is the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT An album will be dropping in the final quarter of the year. The official date will be announced via Instagram @Iam_miyay 

What has been your biggest motivation and inspiration while creating new music this year?

My biggest inspiration has been my CORE! Shoutout to my daughter, daughter's mom, Kool, Vonnie, B. Jones, Proph, my family locking in, and my supporters/fans. Each individual has motivated in some way they may not even know. Bt THANK YALL!