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Mia Grace Lets the Boys "Wait" in Line with Her Sassy Single

Hailing from New York, New Jersey, the pop/r&b artist, and singer-songwriter Mia Grace brings the industry to a halt with her latest empowering single, "Wait."

Daughter of the renowned artist Prince Be of P.M. Dawn and industry mogul Mary Serra, Mia Grace was bound to live a musical life. Inspired by her father, Aaliyah, Rihanna, and Minnie Riperton, Mia Grace aims to make a significant and memorable impact on our modern music industry.

Doing so with her powerful single, "Wait," it would be an understatement to say that Mia Grace stops us dead in our tracks. Through her highly empowering lyricism that exclaims nothing but self-love and confidence, Mia Grace floats alongside the tender r&b production and proves her worthwhile talent.

"Wait" begins with punchy bass kicks and haunting background synths. Once the crisp drum breaks enter the song alongside Mia Grace's heavenly vocal stylings, the track takes off with endless heat. Mia Grace touches on more of an empowering lyrical theme that stands out from day-to-day r&b tracks, as she reminds the boys to wait in line while she falls deeper in love with herself.

The sweet and savory production blasts us into the celestials through the fiery drum breaks, melodic synths, and the groaning basslines that pierce our speakers with desire and lust. Mia Grace's vocals are genuinely enamoring, as she makes her way to the outro alongside her soothing vocal layering and harmonies, ending this self-assured anthem with the utmost grace and beauty.

Don't "Wait" to discover Mia Grace's latest single, and let the pop/r&b artist remind you of self-love. Find the empowering anthem on all digital streaming platforms.

Let us start by saying how much we genuinely appreciate the empowering themes you've touched on within your latest single, "Wait." What inspired you to create an anthem for self-love?

Well, I try to write songs that are of this theme but I try to not overdo it because I hate when someone just sounds arrogant but this song leans towards a bit of cockiness. I just wanted that bossy femme attitude. I don't have any song with this kind of dialogue, I found it really refreshing and fun and definitely uplifting.

Seeing as your lyricism within "Wait" is incredibly charismatic and confident, was it easy to write your lyricism? What did you want your audience to take away from your words?

"Wait" took me a few hours one day, I heard a bass line ( now changed ) and came up with the pre-chorus and chorus. Then that set the tone for me and I had a lot of fun with the verses. I just wanted listeners to have fun and lean into that kind of confident narrative.

Did you work alongside any producers when creating the sonics for your single "Wait?" What sort of atmosphere and feel did you want to capture within this piece?

Yes, Myk Groov. He is the producer of Stuck and a lot of my other songs coming out. The opening lyrics being really strong he was feeling a fun west coast vibe to compliment the energy of the words and theme.

Are you usually one to create such empowering self-love anthems? How does "Wait" reflect your artistic brand and what you stand for?

"Wait" is a good representation of my brand, although it's a bit cockier than my normal dialogue. I just want people to have fun and be confident. A lot of my other songs mainly talk about love for others and yourself as well as being comfortable in whatever your feeling or stage in life you are.


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