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Mic Emoji Releases New Single "Blood Money"

Mic Emoji has been creating music ever since he was 14 years old. It’s been a part of him like an arm and a leg, but for many years he stopped writing and performing. Mic Emoji eventually went to pursue other things in life, however, after starting a promising job, a job that will gave him a better understanding on the life, love, and time we have on this earth, he began to do what he loves again, and share his passion with the world. This is his rebirth and his story.

Mic Emoji released a melodic record titled “Blood Money” and we loved everything about this track. The reason I personally felt as if Mic Emoji pushed the boundary was how he lyrically presented who he was through the raw content behind the production of lyricism. Mic Emoji expresses a vulnerable side of him that makes his music great. “I sold my blood today” was the hook. This was a cool and witty to be metaphorically thought-provoking to his listeners. The melody reminded me of an artist like Akon, due to the slight auto-tune and absolute soul surrounding the vocalism. "Blood Money" portrays different notes vocally reached by Mic Emoji, giving us a little insight on the underlying skills he has as a true artist. The ambition in Mic Emoji is apparent, as he kills it in this melodically driven hit. "Blood Money" is a nice vibe, and a must-have on our playlists!

Give a listen to "Blood Money" here, and continue scrolling for Mic Emoji's interview!

Hey Mic Emoji! You have had an interesting journey so far so to say, how has your background impacted your songwriting?

I had alot of lived experience so that gives me a lot of content as far as music. I have a wide range of songs to come.

What was the vision you had for “Blood Money” ? Do you feel like you executed this well?

Blood make was more a hey look at me song. The topic I thought would be more of discussion piece its part of my slow roll out strategy because I'm start from zero, and I think I executed great.

Was “Blood Money” a reflection of your profession? 

Blood money came about when I was having money problems and someone said hey you can sale your blood and get $50 from the place down the street.

What emotion did you have to channel while writing this record and why? 

I was thinking of writing a descriptive song and blood money just came to be. It was something that was sleeping to my psyche.

That came to the forefront in a song. The emotions when one has comes to grips with the fact you may have to sale something precious just to pay a bill.

Anything upcoming for you Mic?

Yes more releases with my job it's kind of hard to just hit the road and tour but I will do what I can. So I will be work the Blood Money single for a while and will be releasing another song a little more mainstream.


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