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MIC Releases His New Single “All Again”

Mic is a Filipino-American producer and songwriter who was born in the Philippines. He and his mother came to America at the early age of 6 years old to reunite with his father in Phoenix, Arizona. It was when his family moved to Denver Colorado, his interest in music exploded. Influences from rock and rap, Mic learned to play the electric guitar, drums and later the piano at the age of 12. In high school, Mic would write raps and produce beats for his friends under the name of moniker, Maniac.

In 2011, working as an Industrial Electrician in New Jersey, he created "THE OPEN MIC EP " under his new artist name Mic.

Mic released his latest single titled “All Again” and I was in LOVE with this. “All Again” was so refreshing to hear. Everything felt fresh and new. The sound was something I wasn’t expecting to hear. In an over-crowded hip-hop industry, Mic smoothed himself right in. “All Again” fits in with the contemporary, and trendy sounds you hear on the radio with its own unique vibe that you will find yourself abducted by. The vibe of the song is what captures the listener the most in my opinion. It felt slightly cultural while having this smooth-sailing production. With the element of R&B Trap, it fused together components of smooth-jazz. This different, and atypical sound helped “All Again” not feel as categorized as other records. It fits into its own lane, separated from the records you're used to hearing. “All Again” was such a dope song, I listened to it over and over again. I couldn’t help but love this track. Everything about it was so hypnotizing. Mic now writes, produces, mixes and masters all his own music and for other various artists. He prides himself in being heavily involved in all aspects of the music industry and plans to head his own record label in the near future. From the detailed vocal resonance in “All Again” to his fire delivery, Mic showed us he’s a true force to be reckoned with.

Listen to "All Again" here and get to know more about MIC below!

Introducing this rising star who goes by the artist name Mic! Do you have any influences or inspirations for your sensational style ?

My influences are a wild mix of artists, producers and bands across a wide range of genres. It's like - J. Cole, Andre 3000, Joyner Lucas to Timbaland, Mike Will, and Just Blaze to classic rock bands like Ambrosia and Kansas. I love it all. I'd have to say my family is my biggest source of inspiration. All I want to do is put out good music for everyone to enjoy and make them proud.

Tell us about your record “All Again”, was there a message behind this?

Yeah, I wrote it about my wife. She's an amazing human being. Just a beautiful person inside & out. We have a wonderful life that we've created and I feel blessed. She's a saint for putting up with me to be honest.

In what ways do the lyrics of the record highlight the theme of the song?

The lyrics speak about a romance and appreciation for a significant other. Being a father of a little girl, It was really important for me to put out a record that showcased a love and praise for women. She even has her own little outro on the record, its great.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the creation of “All Again” ?

My vocals without a doubt haha I'm not the most confident singer and I've always been really insecure about my singing voice. I just decided to go all in! But It helps being the engineer for your own records.

What’s next for you Mic?

More work, music, placements and collaborations. Start piecing together for bigger projects and new business ventures. A lot to look forward to.


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