Mic Rocca Represents True Hip-Hop With His Single, “So Liva”

Up and coming rapper representing the Pasadena, CA area, Mic Rocca rebranded himself after ripping stages apart with his past stage name M.I.C.

Mic Rocca released “So Liva” and this single had us hyped the instance we heard it. It had this west coast flare to the production of the beat. A good representation of Mic Rocca’s background. The delivery and flow were insane! It was laid-back with light-hearted aggression to give it that right push on emphasis. The melody in the hook reminded me of the OG’s in hip-hop. As a big hip-hop head, I loved the lyrical element provided to “So Liva”. It showcased the raw authenticity that’s still presented in the culture of hip-hop. Mic Rocca doesn’t shy away from being a true lyricist that’s individual to his story and thoughts. “So Liva” was a classic rap song that gave you a true California swag feeling with a bonafide delivery and tone that the generational lovers of hip-hop will love.

Check out "So Liva" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mic Rocca! What encouraged you to rebrand your artist name? What’s the story behind it?

I’ve always looked at myself as more than just a rapper, I consider myself a business entity. Every business needs rebranding and touched up every now and then. I was actually close to giving up, but rebranding myself brought the passion of music back into my life, it gave me something to be excited about again.Let’s talk a bit about your influences!