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Michael Court Blesses Us With A Summer-Classic Single, “Keedy’s”

After spending the last few months crafting their sound, Michael Court has emerged to showcase a woozy, glittery-stained pop sound that is sure to make a statement.

Growing up outside of LA in the Coachella Valley, home of the Coachella Fest, Michael Court is no stranger to the music world. After touring for many artists in the LA area, Michael has decided to take a crack at his own original music.

Michael's latest single, "Keedy's," has a nostalgic summer feel to it, having you reminiscing on all your favorite, romantic memories at once! He sings about the love he used to have with a girl. Trying to get himself to stop thinking of her is all he does. He starts the record off by asking her, "do you love the most?" expressing that she wasn't into giving him attention, but she's off giving the attention to others. The love ran deep. On some days, he'd ride, passing her old house.

He admits he feels as if he's "dead" inside because of how it hurt him so deeply and feels that it's his fault they're not together anymore. Putting all the blame on himself, you can hear the pain through the beautiful melodies created - his memories of the two of them, sitting up till 3 am smoking on the couch keeps reminding him of the good old days, and he can't help but miss them.

In the chorus, he talks about how he's always thinking about how they "used to feel," and all the times they had together, but all he really wants is for the memories to go away, "anything that keeps reminding" him of her. It's an internal conflict of missing someone, feeling so hurt that the relationship ended, on top of fighting the urge to constantly think about the love that he's lost.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Michael! We absolutely love your new single, "Keedy's." Tell us about the creative process behind and how it all started?

I've always been a really nostalgic person, and I think this song really encompassed that emotion for me. It started as me just recording a rough demo in a garage. From there, my friend and I produced it out in the same garage, and it turned into what it is now. The whole song was written and recorded in that space.

When you were creating "Keedy's," did you have a finished goal in mind before taking your ideas to the studio, or are you an artist that creates freely?

I didn't necessarily have a finished goal; however, the whole song and structure were already there. The production came to be with the help of my friend and producer, who was able to take the demo to the next level.

Through the years of playing many genres, which is your favorite to create and why?

I absolutely love playing with the artists I currently play for. This is usually Rnb-influenced Indie Rock to Nirvana-style shoe-gaze rock.

Do you see yourself creating pop as your main genre as an artist, or will you be testing others in the near future as well?

I think; naturally, my ear ends up creating pop-centric melodies. However, I do have some more experimental songs with further releases, but they still have accessible melodies and memorable hooks.

What's next for you?

I have other singles mastered and ready for release and music videos. I'm working on a rollout for those and, after that, towards an EP in the late summer/early fall.


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