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Michael Davis Drops Hot New Video For “Control”

Michael Davis is an incredible talented pop-rock and R&B artist. He combines his multi-skill set to create transporting sounds. Michael's emotionally-rich lyrics and fresh delivery sets him apart from mainstream artists. His new music video for “Control” highlights what an invigorating performer Michael is. Michael checks his girlfriends phone and is shocked to discover she’s not loyal. The meaning behind the song is understood by the emotions in his face while he sings every verse with vivid power.

Michael Davis has such a large and growing fan base because of his ability to connect and relate to his audience. It’s difficult to be vulnerable but he’s in tune with himself. The beautiful woman in the music video breaks Michael’s heart but he struggles with letting go his love for her and gaining control. His mind starts to wander and his girlfriend is shown on dates with another man, this drives Michael Davis to his knees in this heart-rending and moving moment of the “Control” music video. In the end we realize he ended up leaving her, and ultimately taking control. Kudos to Michael Davis for being able to create something so raw and touching to such an upbeat jam!

Listen to "Control" here and get to know more about the artist below!

Hey Michael! It's great to chat with you! At what age did you begin pursuing music?

I started pursuing music after high school when I was 18. I even went to college and graduated in audio engineering so that I can learn how to record, edit, and mix my own music

How did you create the idea for the “Control” music video?

Well I wanted to talk about what it’s like to have you’re heart broken and someone cheat on you and what goes on in a person’s mind

How do you know the female in the music video?

The director of the video knew her and before we filmed we spent sometime together and now we’re the best of friends

Is the story behind the music video for “Control” true?

It’s somewhat true, not exactly those events but it’s close. Every line of the song is about each person I’ve ever dated

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and why?

Kendrick Lamar. I love his style what he has to say. I love to sing a hook in his songs

What's next for you through 2019?

I have a new single coming out in May called “Your Kind of Man” and the music video will be coming soon. Also, performing live shows


Connect with Michael Davis on social media

Instagram: www.instagram@mdavismusic

Twitter: www.twitter@telos_driven

Facebook: www.facebook@MichaelDavisMusic


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