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Michael Matic Nimbly Transports Us Through, "Things I Never Said"

Michael Matic has endured a lifetime of trials and tribulations that have shaped him as the artist we see before us. After both of his parents were jailed, Michael Matic, and his siblings were forced to transition from home to home, leaving them to cope with the anger and frustration of the aftermath.

According to Michael Matic, this is when he turned to music as his only outlet. After moving to New York City, he was introduced to various musical instruments by his older brother, as they played, rapped, and freestyled. From hooks to verses, and verses to entire tracks, Michael launched the art of telling the story of his life’s experiences through the music that he places into the eyes and ears of the public.

Teaming up with producer extraordinaire, Cedes, Michael Matic releases the reverberated elixir that is his most recent single, “Things I Never Said.” Through the dreamy instrumentation tackling a mid-tempo pulsation with opulent chords and perfectly timed drums, Michael Matic’s vocals slide into the arrangement like butter on toast.

He exudes an exclusive take on the genre of Hip-hop as he pairs it with components of the Contemporary R&B stylings that have flourished in this evolving generation. Being washed away in the striking words that leap out of your headphones, you’re fully immersed in elusive tenors as Michael Matic finesses buoyant illustrations of this particular tale.

Speaking through the emotions of missing someone that you love, he takes the verses and hook of, “Things I Never Said,” to address the heartbreak he feels in a one-sided relationship. Creating relatable content for his listeners to provide an emotional connection, Michael Matic is well-known for the depth he explores in the carefully crafted words that he conveys.

Seeping pure authenticity into, “Things I Never Said,” you hear the true connection that Michael Matic has towards the music that he makes. For him, it is about more than absorbing melodies. His fluency in the universal language of music speaks wonders through the messages that he graciously transmits through soundwaves like these.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Michael Matic! We admire the heart that you place into, “Things I Never Said.” In your own words, what does this single mean to you?

It means a lot especially when you putting your true feelings In it. I feel like everybody can relate to this song. Because at one point in life we all had been afraid to love. Afraid to trust and afraid to put our self out there so I feel like people can identify with that.

Could you please take us into the creative and recording process that brought this track to life?

When I first heard the beat, the first thing that came to my mind was I wonder does she miss me when I’m not there just randomly came to my head. From that point on honesty just took over especially when you add emotion and alcohol together.

With each artist approaching their songwriting in a different manner, how important is it for you to take real-life experiences and put them into the music that you create?

It’s very important because the general public can relate to real-life stories. that relate to what’s going on in life. Besides, there’s nothing that connects people more to you than raw honest emotion.

What has been your proudest moment throughout your artistic career this far?

My proudest moment is having people come up to me and tell me how much They can relate to my song "Things I never said."

What can we expect to see next from you?

Right now ( I got things I never said) merch dropping and a music video might drop a new song during the summer just gotta stay tuned to find out.



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