Michael Mcquaid's Catchy New Hit “RERUN”

Dallas native, Michael McQuaid is making a name for himself in Nashville, Tennessee. His music is a solid blend of blues, soul and some sick beats to create a new class of R&B. What really highlights Michael’s musicality is the fact that he uses strong production skills with organic instrumentals. “RERUN” is his newest single which is accompanied by an awesome music video.

“RERUN” is about a girl who has one goal and one goal only when she comes over every week. The lyrics “Like clockwork every time. Returning my jacket, then taking it back." Just like reruns on TV...They come on at the same time, you've seen them before, but there is a familiarity and comfort to it.” really brings in extra depth to the song by using such clever wordplay and references. His lyrics are really thematic and fits really well with the music video. From the beginning to the end, the listener is met with some heavy beats that keep the angst going throughout the song. The song as a whole is sensual and really does bring a new face to the R&B genre.

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Instagram: @michaelmcquaid