MichaelAngelo Uses His Versatile Musical Ability to Electrify Listeners On New Single “Anxiety”

MichaelAngelo is a singer-songwriter born and raised in New York. In late 2019 he was able to find his passion for music late in his life as it lit an inner fire and desire that he had long been searching for. MichaelAngelo’s love for music continues to evolve with each new genre he can test and dip his toes into. His latest single “Anxiety” exemplifies his versatile musical ability as it creates different vibes and moods that all listeners can enjoy.

The fast-paced electronic track creates an inner excitement and unknowing feelings of anxiety and stress. Uncertainty is spread through electrifying instrumentals and vocals.

Lyrics like “My heart is racing, and the walls are closing in” help any listener who has experienced a high strung situation to feel commonality and relation. By sharing his journey of struggles and growths within this piece, MichaelAngelo has connected with listeners on a tighter emotional level.

“Anxiety” embodies feelings of joy, pain, and other electrifying sensations for all, and we can not wait for a time when MichaelAngelo can perform it live.

We are encapsulated by your new track “Anxiety”, what was the production process like when creating this track? Well, I knew that I wanted to create a song about my anxiety which is something that I struggle with daily. As soon as I heard the beat which was produced by Fantom, I knew it was the one. It didn't take long for that song to come together. I finished writing it in about an hour if not less and then was off to the studio to record it, where ironically I got anxiety while in the booth which really helped in bringing out the raw emotion I needed to record the song.