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Michelle Fabre Drops Fresh Summer Vibe On, “Kick It Up”

Michelle is no stranger to the studio, singing since four years old on her first national commercial for Eskimo Pie, she quickly expanded that list to include other national spots such as Zwinky Cuties, Long Island Aquarium CD (which sold over 18,000 copies), Sam's Club, Goodyear, Hertz, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, and more recently, Nu Skin. Michelle released her first commercial pop album, 'Find Your Fire,' in 2021, featuring 12 tantalizing tracks.

Michelle's latest single, "Kick It Up" dissects a love story set to catchy pop notes and irresistible melodies. With a heart full of passion Michelle descants, "Even though you're miles away, I'm going to see you today," fantasizing about getting lost in the moment together in an array of romantic scenarios.

Michelle illustrates the meaning of fun through her lyrics, her captivating sound, and her ability to convey consistent meaning and joy, proving her versatility. As the song draws to a close we are left with the happy vibrations of Michelle's vocals and vibrant instrumentals as we are ushered out of the track, bodies still dancing to the infectious beat.

With the chorus still ringing in our ears and the melody stuck in our heads, "Kick It Up" has us kicking and screaming for more from Michelle Fabre.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Michelle. We are ecstatic to have you here with us today. What inspired you to write "Kick It Up," and what was the process like while creating it?

I was inspired to write an upbeat dance song that was lyrically positive and happy, especially with spring/summer approaching. Storywise, it's actually about a long-distance relationship leading up to a "meeting on the dancefloor." I felt like in today's current music, I don't hear lyrics about long distant relationships very often, if at all, and I wanted to make that storyline come alive to those who may not have experienced it.

What keeps you so motivated throughout the process of creating?

Deadlines haha... It's easy to get held back by perfectionism when creating art, but my genuine love of music and writing keeps me going.

With "Kick It Up" being in the pop genre, have you ever thought about dabbling into other genres, and if so, which would you like to try?

I've always been in the pop genre, but I've also grown up loving rnRnBb, rock, and country, so I try to incorporate some of those elements into my music. If I ever dabbled in another, definitely pop-rock or country rock.

Many artists have the main influences that they grew up listening to. Who were some of the people that inspired you to start creating and showed that being unique is okay?

My music taste is very diversified; I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Mumford and Sons, Miley Cyrus, Janis Joplin, and Aerosmith. As I got older, I loved incorporating those old-school sounds that I grew up with and creating something new and unique.

What's next for you?

Performing more now that venues are opening up. I also have a new song that I'm working on called "Last Chance For Love."


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