Michelle Joly Graces Us With New Song "Never Been Loved Before"

Michele Joly, elegantly named, matches both her personality and the tone of her

music who seemingly was placed in front of a microphone at a young age, Michelle has always

been aware of her passion and talent for music. Starting at the age of 19 Michelle allowed

herself to flourish across Canada before coming home to record and make unforgettable music

and memories, and is now currently recording her fourth record. She has had a solid music

career for the past 10 years and is sure to have many more to come.

September 2,2018 marked a very special day for Michelle Joly. For starters, it was her

birthday and it was also the release of her new track “Never Been Loved Before” ft. Krusso. This track has a very playful instrumental to it with its mainly percussive melody. Joly’s vocals are no doubt soothing and delightful to the ears, but adding Krusso to it makes it a perfect match. Lyrically the song is very well written telling a story of two people who are trying to convince each other that they are meant to be. It is a really touching love song that gives the listener anew take of I "I love you” by saying that she’s going to love said person like they have never experienced or will experience which emphasizes the amount of expression she has for this person. It’s a lovely duet which helps encase the story of the two lovers in the song.

Listen to the song here.

Connect with Michelle Joly on social media:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MichelleJoly

Website: https://michellejolymusic.com/