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Michelle-Lee Continues To Light The Way To Salvation On “Right On Time”

Sometimes, all you need is faith and a little patience.

Partly inspired by the legendary voices and careers of soul music icons like Anita Baker and Toni Braxton and by contemporary Christian vocalists like Koryn Hawthorne and Mali Music, Michelle-Lee does not make empty music.

Emerging like a bright light from the darkness, Michelle-Lee’s captivating voice, heartfelt melodies, and faith-based sound have enthralled her audiences since she came on the scene. As this faith-based budding star continues to shine and make her mark on the music scene, keep an eye out for this rising star.

Born and raised in Delaware, Michelle-Lee’s musical journey began in the church, where her innate talent was quickly recognized and nurtured. These humble beginnings would set in motion a profound musical journey that (thankfully for us!) continues up to today.

Part of what makes Michelle-Lee’s music so appealing is her ability to seemingly connect with audiences on deeper levels, and her performances, whether on stage or in worship, are marked by a deep connection with her audience and a genuine expression of her faith. 

Bouncy yet smooth, Michelle-Lee’s latest release, “Right On Time,” is the latest testament to her all-around mastery of her craft. As she sings lines like “I know he may not come when you want / But he’s right on time”, you immediately gravitate to the passion, truth and authenticity of her voice and sound.

It’s extremely captivating to see how Michelle-Lee is able to manifest her faith in her music in so many charming ways, and the light, soul-tinged instrumentals complement her vocal performance perfectly, making for an excellent release that’s incredibly easy on the ears.

As her metaphorical candle burns brighter and brighter, Michelle-Lee continues to do her part in illuminating the path to spiritual renewal and salvation through her music. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Michelle-Lee’s latest release, “Right On Time”, out now on all majour streaming platforms.


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